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STEM at Woodbrook








A group of Woodbrook students and their teacher mentors stayed after school on Thursday, Jan 29th to create beautiful terrariums to be

placed throughout the school. This event was a joint effort of two grants coming together. The COST program grant was developed and written by Ms. Sclater and Ms Murray. COST is an acronym for Connecting Our Students and Teachers Together! and the PTO funded this worthy idea. The terrarium project was the idea of Ms. Catlett, who wrote a Shannon Grant, entitled Terrific Terrariums. Thanks to all of the mentors, students and community efforts that teamed together for this event. A special thanks to Snow's Garden Center, who assisted with acquiring the plants and soil for the project.



We still need parents who are willing to help a specific grade level "adopt" one small plot in our garden. For more information, please contact Ms. Cass.

Grade Garden Style & Plants Needed for this Learning Garden Parent/Guardian
Pre-K Hanging Wall Baskets & Containers: petunias, pansies, violas, coleus, trailing vines We need your help!
K English Style: bleeding heart, creeping phlox, crocus, candytuft, rabbit's ears We need your help!
1st Butterfly: marigolds, daffodils, coneflower, sunflowers, hyacinths, zinnias, verbena We need your help!
2nd Chinese Garden: dwarf azaleas, lily of the valley, tree peonies, Asian lilies chrysanthemums, dwarf pine shrub We need your help!
3rd Japanese Water: squat pots(3), stone/sand underlay, water lilies We need your help!
4th Herb Garden: chives, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley, basilm dill, sage, tarragon, marjoram We need your help!
5th Colonial Williamsburg: asters, daffodils, tulips, ornamental kale, cabbage We need your help!

The Amazing Measurement Race at Woodbrook! p165969289_77617.jpg

Third graders spent the morning of March 31st moving from station to station measuring length, weight, temperature and volume. Fourth graders will participate in their Measurement Fair on Friday, April 3rd! This event was coordinated by Ms. Pavlosky, a GRT/third grade teacher!








Woodbrook Track and Nature Pathp52626292_75608.jpg

Woodbrook Track and Nature Path Completed! Thanks to the generosity of the Milken Family Foundation and local artists The Dave Matthews Band, the Woodbrook Track and Nature Path is being built during July! A portion of the 2008 National Educator Award from the Milken Foundation was supplemented by the Dave Matthew's BAMA Works fund. This project will enhance our school grounds through:

1) Fitness (approximately five laps around this 1,100 long track equal a mile, the track is 9 ft. wide and thus "stroller friendly")

2) Appreciation of nature (smaller nature trails connect to the track for learning about our surroundings)

3) Community Access- will enhance the ability for community members to reach our school grounds.

Track was just completed July 18. The entire school community is invited to enjoy this track! We thank both the Milken Family and the Dave Matthews Band for making this possible. For more information about these initiatives see:

Milken Family Site:

BAMA Grant /Charlottesville Area Community Foundation:

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