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SAT & ACT Dates

SAT Test Dates

SAT Test DateRegistration DeadlineSAT Scores Available

October 5, 2019Sept. 6thOct. 18th
November 2, 2019Oct. 3rdNov. 15th
December 7, 2019Nov. 8thDec. 20th
March 14th, 2020Feb. 14thMar. 27th
May 2nd, 2020Apr. 3rdMay 15th
June 6, 2020May 8thJuly 15th

ACT Test Dates & Deadlines

ACT Test Date

Registration Deadline

ACT Scores Available

September 14, 2019

Aug. 16th

Sept. 24th

October 26, 2019

Sept. 20th

Nov. 5th

December 14, 2019

Nov. 8th

Dec. 23rd

February 8th, 2020

Jan. 10th

Feb. 18th

April 4th, 2020

Feb. 28th

Apr. 14th

June 13, 2020

May 8th

June 23rd

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