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FAQ about AVID


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What can I do to support my child in AVID?

One skill that is important in AVID is organization. This means students are expected to use binders or agendas to keep up with school work. Ask your student to show you their binder and check their agenda planners daily. Their planners will list homework, what they learned, and may include notes from the teacher.

Contact your child’s school for additional ways you can support AVID and get involved.

How does the AVID​ elective help students?

Students in the AVID Elective are held to higher expectations and given the support they need to succeed and prepare for postsecondary opportunities. By encouraging, assisting, and advocating students every day, AVID greatly increases their chances of making it to and through college.

Why was my student nominated/selected for the AVID program?

Your student shows potential to succeed in advanced courses and could benefit from the peer community and skills taught in the AVID Elective class. Your student's teachers believe your child can succeed academically as they prepare for college and a career with the help of AVID.

Is the AVID elective a remedial course?

AVID is NOT a remedial course. Students in the AVID Elective enroll in advanced, honors, AP, and dual enrollment courses at Western and receive the support they need to succeed in those classes.

Why do AVID students have to take advanced courses in high school?

Many students progress from grade to grade without ever challenging themselves to achieve more. They do well enough to graduate but it doesn't mean that they are college-ready. By taking advanced, honors, AP, and dual enrollment classes, students receive the skills and exposure to college level curriculum.

My child is NOT in the AVID elective? How do they benefit from AVID?

AVID is designed to impact the leadership, systems, instruction and culture of a school. In other words, AVID impacts the learning environment of the entire campus. AVID schools support high expectations and levels of achievement for all students. Although AVID is an elective course for selected students, all students end up benefiting when teachers use AVID strategies in their classes.

How can I help my child prepare for college?

Your child's needs will depend on their current grade level. The AVID elective will help prepare your child with timelines for activities, resources, SAT prep, and tips to help you when preparing your child for college. Also, be sure to contact your child's school for related deadlines, college visit opportunities and ways that you can help.

Who can I contact for more information on AVID?

There are several resources to learn more about AVID. If you would like to learn more about the program and the work it is doing, please visit the AVID website,​.

To learn more about AVID at Western Albemarle, you are welcome to contact our administration, site coordinator, or any site team member with all of your questions and for more information.

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