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For Parents and Students

​​​Parent and Student Responsibilities

​​​ ​​

At the beginning of each academic year, AVID students sign a program contract to show their commitment to the AVID Program's philosophy and expectations so that they can be successful in the program.

Parents also sign the program contract to show their commitment to the AVID Program. AVID parents are expected to attend AVID parent meetings and encourage and support their children throughout the college process.​


Download AVID student contract

Download a copy of the the AVID Student Contract here

​Student Expectations

By participating in the AVID program, students agree to:

  • Enroll in the AVID class through senior year.
  • Study two or more hours per day, completing all homework assignments as part of a normal high school curriculum..
  • Maintain AVID notebook, take class notes, and keep track of assignments.
  • Participate in AVID tutorial groups.
  • Take a rigorous curriculum, assisted by parents, AVID teacher, and counselor.
  • Enroll in college-prep courses including Honors track, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses.
  • Help teachers and students maintain a positive learning atmosphere.
  • Maintain an excellent citizenship grade in all of classes, acting as a role model student at WAHS.
  • Participate in AVID university field trips and required activities.
  • Take the PSAT freshmen, sophomore and junior year, as well as the SAT I, SAT II (optional) second semester of junior year/first semester of senior year. .
  • Attend summer school sessions if necessary.
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 minimum academic grade point average.
  • Participate in 30 hours of community service per year (15 per semester)
  • Participate in leadership opportunities, and extracurricular activities (athletics, clubs, dance, drama, music, class officer, technology, etc).

AVID Student Profile

We are looking for students with the DESIRE and the DETERMINATION to succeed in high school and go on to college. AVID students have:

  • Average to High Grades and Test Scores
  • ​2.5-3.5 GPA
  • Good attendance and behavior in school
  • Positive attitude towards learning
  • College Potential with Support
  • Works well with others
  • A good heart, inner strength, appropriate level of maturity
  • Want help navigating the college going process.

Parent Involvement


The AVID Program offers a variety of opportunities for parents to become involved. Parents are the single greatest motivator for children to improve academically, which is why a partnership with parents is integral to the AVID Program's success. Parents show their commitment to the AVID Program by attending the AVID activities and by encouraging and supporting their children throughout the college process. AVID parents are also welcome to become involved in the following activities:

  • Chaperone for field trips to universities and teambuilding events.
  • Assist fundraising efforts by helping with bake sales, Barnes and Noble bookfairs, and other activities. .
  • Serve as a guest speaker, speaking about the college experience, a career, or character issues.
  • Help with decorations for various functions.
  • Help with food or refreshments for AVID Site Team Meetings.
  • Attend program functions, for example the AVID family nights and the AVID Banquet.

Any parent interested in participating may volunteer by emailing or calling AVID Site Coordinator Kate Innes at / (434) 823-8700.

AVID Interest Form

If you are interested in the AVID program at Western Albemarle and would like more information, please fill out our Interest form​ and email it to


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