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Quest Fests

Quest Fests



           This annual festival is an exciting journey in being explorers of our world.  We are learning how to observe everything around us, record what we see and hear, wonder and ask questions, discover, and solve problems.   We have made and constructed with tools, explained the process and extracted principles. This celebration communicates our explanations, measurements and predictions we have discovered on our journey.  We have created art, words and structures which tell the story of our learning. 
          We are all at different stages of the journey.  None of our quests are finished—because learning never ends.  We hope you learn something from our learning festival that you didn’t know before, or wonder about something differently as a result!  


QuestFest 2017

June 7

QuestFest 2016 

The day started out with a ​choral performance by 4th and 5th graders.  The schedule was much like other years.  Here are some highlights.

2014-2015 Qu​est Fest

This is our 15th one.  It started out with a 2nd and 3rd grade performance. 

 The 2nd graders sang folk songs and the 3rd graders played Appalachian dulcimers that they made.

We divided up for Readers' Theater.  I watched the pre-ks and 5th graders reading to eachother.

Because of our Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant, we have new seating in the interior courtyards.

We also reworked our glass case and painting outside the library.

Student work was better than ever.  Here are just a couple examples...




2013-2014 Qu​est Fest


Cultures Connecting Through Music
Students sang songs in many different languages.  Everyone learned the last song and the whole school sang it together.....  
Shalom Chaverim

We saw inquiry-based research projects which included writing and art. 
We saw many maker projects and hands-on experiences.


14th Annual Quest Fest


 Quest Fest  2012-2013


June 3rd, 2012 - Gallery Walk  (6-7pm)
June 4th -Opening Celebration, hallway investigations and
all-school picnic (8:30-2:00)
This is our 13th Quest Fest!





 Quest Fest 2011-2012
This year, at our Quest Fest, we will be introducing
QR codes
 quick response codes.
What is a QR code?
  QR codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern cell phone, ipod or ipad.  This code is then  converted  into an internet link.  Our links go to a private section of youtube which you can only access from our school building.  As you walk through our school hallways, you will notice QR codes.  If you scan them, you will instantly get information. 
Information might be in the form of a video of an individual student's artist statement, a comment or explanation about the process or perhaps a student reading a piece of their own writing.

We Are All One
student written songs about Powhatans, Lakotas, Pueblos
 After researching these 3 Native American groups, Ms. Mary Lou helped us make plaster masks and paint them in the style of one of the tribes.  We designed our t-shirts from the mask drawings and when they arrived, we  painted  our shirts differently.
Mrs. Bollinger came and worked with us to write our own songs with original lyrics and melody.  Mrs. Owney helped us add traditional instruments.

 Quest Fest 09-10


The Dragons Danced!
Mrs. Leathers' and Mrs. Shellenberger's 2nd graders
With support from
Mrs. Owney and Ms. Lundgren


Quest Fest  2008-2009


May 29th 2009
  This is our 9th one!
Specially scheduled events are indicated below.
 Creative Song Writing
written and performed by 1st and 3rd graders
Support from Cathy Bollinger
Brother Darrell  and Sister Lillie
10:00 -11:30   Minstrels
Individual times posted
9:30-12:00 Reader's Forum
10:00               1 + 3
10:40               K + 4
11:20                                2 + 5
10:00-12:00 Hallway Investigations
Grade levels will begin touring at these times.
10:00       K + 4
10:30       2 + 5 
11:00        1 + 3
Picnic lunch outside (or classroom)
Grade levels will begin in the cafeteria at these times.
12:00       2 + 5
12:15        K + 4
12:30        1 + 3
10:00-10:30 Animal Presentations
Resource Room
1:00    Pharaohs, Teepees and Dragons
2nd grade performance in gym
Support from Erin Owney
Some of the things you might see in our school are….
 Kindergarten classes have been laying the foundation for thinking about non-fiction work.  Children have developed the ability to become keen observers, to record changes, and to search for details by engaging in sketching and note-making.  Projects you might see include: observation journals, classbooks, and writing journals.
 First graders have been expressing their learning with various projects throughout the year. We created collages, paintings, and writing to depict the seasons, have used sketching and note-taking as a  way to refine our observation and research skills, and have studied and written about the importance of caring for our earth.  Don't miss our performance of student-created songs and instruments at Quest Fest!
 Second graders have worked on projects related to our studies of China, Egypt, Native Americans, Weather and Animal Life Cycles.  Please look for our silk screens, pottery, sculptures, and paintings near our classrooms.  We hope you learn some new facts from our research on these topics.
 Third graders have been on a quest of discovery and have many projects that reflect that learning.  As a result of our observations, sketching, note-taking and note-making, you will see African beads and personal narrative projects.  Also on display will be hand printed and sewn books containing African folktales that will be read at the Reader's Forum.
 Fourth graders' science projects cover a variety of topics including Buzz & Light boards, Scientist Research Report, Geometry Jeopardy Game, Planet Profiles and Field Trip Sketch Books and Scaling the Solar System.  You will also see Clay Busts and Personal Narratives and Color Poems. Don't miss the students' Where Are You From? (inspired by the book, Mama Where Are You From) and Stony Point Alphabet (inspired by the book, Alphabet City).
 Fifth graders have embarked into several different content areas. Inspired by the lead story on the coral reef in one of our National Geographic magazines, the students researched vertebrates and invertebrates having that habitat. Please visit our hallway to view the watercolor drawings of The Radical Reef! and original acrostic poems.  Don't miss the Virginia Timeline - collages, facts and slideshow documenting Virginia history from 1607 to present day.  You will also see "Litter Bug" poetry bookmarks, Reader's Theater Fairy Tales movie, Parts of Speech posters, and more.
 The Resource class has been taking care of the Stony Point animals all school year.  The student animal caretakers also give presentations on their animals to other classes.  The presentations include basic information on the animals and what that animal needs in captivity.  Please join us for the animal presentations and learn about the other Stony Point "teachers" - the animals!
Creative Song Writing
          First and Third grade students worked with Cathy Bollinger, a Stony Point parent and local singer/song writer, to create songs.  First graders wrote songs about the environment and pollution.  Third graders wrote songs about the ancient civilizations of Mali, Rome, and Greece. All of the research for the songs was done by students. Before creating the songs, students engaged in the inquiry process by reading, note-taking, note-making, and sketching in order to learn what information should be included in their songs. Cathy worked with each class to help students learn about the parts of a song such as the chorus, verses, and bridge; she also explained the importance of rhythm and rhyme. After working together as a class to create a song, Cathy returned the following week to work with small groups of students to write their own songs focused on a specific aspect of the ancient culture or natural resource contamination and waste management.

Brother Darrell and Sister Lillie came to help us say good-bye to teachers who have been here for many, many years.






Questfest 2007-2008

Voices From Around The World
4th grade students have been studying "Global Connections". They have each studied a different country and created costumes, flags, sketches, poems, power points, and posters. We hope you will visit the exhibitions throughout the Quest Fest after all of the student performances.

Rhino, Rhino, Come Blow Your Horn
When we began our animal research project, we wanted to practice together, using one animal from the African Savannah.  We chose the rhinoceros.
This song and play is about rhinos and poachers. Poachers want to catch rhinos for their horns.  They ground the horns for medicine and sell them for lots of big money. 

Native American Journey  
The Buffalo Jump -Come inside, come inside, a buffalo stampede is coming by.  A buffalo jump was a cliff or steep bank over which herds of buffalo were driven to their deaths. Plains Native Americans then carved up the valuable carcasses for food, and skinned the animals for their hides and fur.
The Hopi Indians lived in the desert southwest.  Their crops and the availability of water were important aspects of their lives.  They had great respect for the natural world and tried to live in harmony with it.
A legend about how the Blue Ridge Mountains got their color. The Eastern Woodland Chief's son is sick.  In an effort to make medicine, the Chief's daughter turns into a bluebird to give the medicine man a feather for the medicine.  Feathers fall and everything they touch turns blue.

Projects you might have seen in the hallways...

Chinese Silk Painting


Roman Mosaics


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