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Cale Renaming - FAQ For Staff & Families

​​​​​​ Frequently Asked Questions about our Name Change (October 2019)

1. Why is our name being changed

2. When will the name be chosen?

3. Will we still be the Colts?

4.Who decided our name should change?

5.  What are the guidelines for new names?

6. How can we suggest names?


Why is our name being changed?

There are 15 schools in the county that are named after people.  Many of these people lived more than 50 years and even 250 years ago.  Our community has changed a great deal since then.

Our School Board wants to be sure that the names of our schools represent what is important to our success today.  The Board has directed our superintendent to review the names of every school named after a person. Our school is the first to go through this process.

Our students and parents, teachers and staff and all members of our community have the opportunity to offer suggestions on the best name for our school.  Our name should represent what we like best about our school. Very few students in our state or across our country have the chance to be involved in selecting their school’s name.  This is a wonderful opportunity to come together on something so important to us all.  

When will the name be chosen?

An advisory committee that includes our teachers, our principal and associate principal, some of our parents and others who live in our community, will be considering all the suggestions they receive for a new name.  They will hold two meetings for the community in November and December and they will make a recommendation to the School Board. The Board will decide upon a new name in January.

Will we still be the Colts?

That decision will be up to us.  We will have the option to keep the Colts as our mascot or to choose a new mascot if we would like to do that.

Who decided our name should change?

A community advisory committee met over several months.  There are 11 members of the committee. Nine of the members are connected to our school.  They included our principal and associate principal, two of our teachers, three of our parents and two people who live in our community but who no longer have children in our school. The advisory committee found, based on their extensive research, that during Mr. Cale’s time as superintendent, white children and black children were not permitted to go to the same schools together.  Today, we celebrate a school community that supports and cares about one another, that makes everyone feel welcome and does not leave anyone out. ​

The advisory committee, our current superintendent and our School Board all agreed that keeping students apart was inconsistent with our values today of inclusiveness and respect for each individual.  They decided a new name should be chosen to represent all of today’s values of young people, respect, community and excellence. We now have the chance to be a part of the selection of that new name.

What are the guidelines for new names?

An important part of what makes our schools special are the values that bring us all together as a community.  These values help us to feel safe and included in school, to have fun with each other and to learn and grow as students. 

Our new name should be consistent with our values and it should represent all of us.  You will have the opportunity to participate in an opinion survey on the selection of a new name. 

How can we suggest names?

You have several options:  

  • Families can visit to offer thoughts about our new name. We will also send home paper copies of the survey to our families.  

  • Stop the front office to take the online survey on a computer at our school anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 

  • Enter a name in the suggestion box at school

  • ​Email suggestions or send questions or comments to our community advisory committee at

  • Attend one or all of the Cale Community Advisory Committee meetings. The first one will be on November 20 at the County Office Building. The second meeting will be on December 10 at our school.  For this meeting, the committee will narrow down the list of names they have received to five and you will be able to provide your opinions on which name you prefer.

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