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Student Parking Application Information

Student Parking Application Information

As noted in the Student Handbook (please read below for 2nd semester information):


Parking on school grounds is a privilege and students must have a parking permit displayed on the vehicle at all times. All school fees must be paid before students are issued a parking permit. Failure to obey school rules, chronic lateness, absenteeism, skipping, reckless driving and/or speeding may result in the loss of the parking privilege. Acts of reckless driving, parking vandalism or parking within fire lanes will result in police notification.

A system of warnings and fines will be used to alert student drivers of parking violations. Continued failure to adhere to parking regulations (outlined during the permit application process) will result in revocation of parking privileges of increasing duration.

Students that park on campus without a parking permit will be subject to disciplinary action and may result in loss of parking privilege in the current school year or the next school year. Students are not permitted to park in back or side of the school at anytime. Seniors are required to park in the designated senior parking lot and underclassmen are required to park in the stadium parking lot. Students are prohibited from parking in the visitors and staff parking spaces.

2nd semester Parking:

All Monticello High School student drivers are required to purchase a parking decal for second semester if a decal was not purchased during the first semester. The parking decal fee is listed on the Parking application which is the same as what was listed at the beginning of the school year. The administration is not obligated to continue warning and reminding students of that responsibility. If students continue to park on campus once they receive a warning ticket stating that their parking rights have been forfeited, there will be serious consequences imposed such as Saturday Detention, Out of School Suspension and vehicle towing. The Parking Application may be picked up in the Main Office.

2017-18 Parking Application: MOHS Parking Permit Application 2017-18.pdfMOHS Parking Permit Application 2017-18.pdf

Parking Application Fee: $35.00

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