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  Latin Honor Society of Monticello   
Adviser:           Mrs. Beverley McCaskill
Membership Requirements: 
Students who have completed Latin I and half of Latin II with a 90% grade average, who demonstrate good character, and have an excellent record.  This 90% average must be maintained to keep membership.  Students must also be members of the National Junior Classical League.
Elections:         Will occur within one month of inductions of new members. 
Open to all students currently taking Latin and who will be taking Latin during their term in office.  Candidates must provide a statement of their goals before election.
President: Overseas all HS affairs                    Treasurer: Book Keeper
Vice President: Fund Raising, Publicity              Secretary: Communication
Absences & Tardies:
                        Absences: A warning will be given after two unexcused absences, upon the                   fourth absence, the student will lose membership.
                        Tardies:  A tardy arrival up to ten minutes will be counted as a tardy, later                   as an absence.  Three tardy arrivals will equal one absence.
Service Requirement:  
                        Students will be required to provide service either in the form of                                 tutoring to struggling Latin students or in the designated service                            project(s) for each Semester.  Students must give five hours of
                        combined service per annum.  Students who do not fulfill this                           requirement will be subject to possible loss of membership.
Senior Cord Requirement:
A Senior student must have completed Latin III.  If a Senior student is inducted as a Senior, completion of Latin II is acceptable.

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