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Message from Rick Vrhovac

Message from Rick Vrhovac, Newly-Appointed Principal

Rick Vrhovac
Rick Vrhovac

Dear Members of the Monticello School Community:

At their June 19 meeting, our School Board announced my appointment as your next principal.

It will be a privilege to succeed Dr. Turner, a colleague and friend who I have known and admired for many years. We share a passion about the value of inclusiveness. I know from personal experience as an athletic coach, a student advisor, an assistant principal and now as principal of Sutherland Middle School that leaders build credibility and effectiveness from their understanding of those they serve.

That’s why I spend so much time talking with staff, students and parents. I want to know what their goals and ambitions are, what challenges they face, what they are passionate about and most of all, how I can help.

It’s a philosophy that has makes it possible to help others reach their highest potential and that will be my top priority beginning on July 1 here at Monticello.

Over the past few years, I have learned about the school’s trend-setting achievements in academics, its national awards and honors, it great athletic and drama programs, its commitment to innovation and its strong base of community support and partnerships.

I am grateful for Dr. Turner’s leadership and am excited about working with you in the future. I will be providing opportunities over the summer for us to meet and to hear from you and discuss your suggestions for how we can extend excellence at our school.

Thank you for the invaluable contributions you have made for our students and for you continuing commitment to our mission to prepare every student for lifelong success.

Best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable summer.


Rick Vrhovac

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