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4/27/2020Elise Rebellato Wins Emily Couric Scholarship

Elise Rebellato is our Mustang Senior who was nominated for the Emily Couric Scholarship, we are extremely proud of all her accomplishments, in addition she also received $10,000.00 from Emily Couric Scholarship foundation.  Congratulations Elise!!

See her video linked below"

3/9/2020James Henter Wins Science Fair

James Henter (10th grade) won first place in the Biochemistry category at the Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair. The win means that he’ll be representing Monticello at the State Science Fair in April, classroom teacher is Ms. Lindemann.

11/18/2019April Carter named Airflow Heating and Air's Student Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to April!  Please see the CBS 19 news story at the link below.

April Carter - CBS19 News​

5/2/2019Jewell Pugh Named CBS19 Student Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Jewell Pugh on being name CBS19's Student Athlete of the Week!  Please see the media coverage below.

Jewell Pugh - Student Athlete of the Week​

4/8/2019Becca Nordt named CBS19 Student Athlete of the Week

​Congratulations to Becca Nordt on her recent award.  Please follow the link below to learn more.

Becca Nordt CBS19 Student Athlete of the Week​

3/22/2019Cami Hoke Named CBS19 Student Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Cami Hoke on being named the CBS19 Student Athlete of the Week.  Please click on the link below to see the news story.​

Cami Hoke - CBS 19 Student Athlete of the Week​

3/20/2019Meghan Walin - Schewels Athlete of the Week

Please join us in congratulating Meghan Walin on being named the Schewels Athlete of the week.  Please click to read the article from the Daily Progress.

Meghan Walin - Athlete of the Week​

2/7/2019Monticello Athletes Make Committment Official

​Three Monticello High School athletes made their committments official on National Signing Day.  For a complete rundown of the action, visit

1/24/2019Students Earn Recognition for Writer's Eye Submissions

Adriana Wells recieved 3rd Place for her prose work titled:  Patchwork

Henry Kipps recieved 1st Honorable Mention for his prose work titled: Color Pulse

Andrei Danilov received 1st Honorable Mention for his poetry work titled: Fall

Congratulations Mustangs!​

10/30/2018Monticello Drama Wins at VTA

Monticello Drama won first place at the Virginia Theatre Association for #WhileBlack, a one act play by senior Kayla Scott

Tyasia Lindsay, Mo Jackson, and Kayla Scott took home acting awards

Tylar Schmitt, Will Ancona, Mo Jackson, Josh St. Hill, Abigail Anderson won first place in the Virginia Improv Tournament. ​


10/29/2018Malachi Fields Named Schewels Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Malachi Fields for being named the Schewels Athlete of the Week.  Please read his story here​.​

10/26/2018Jake Huffman named Student-Athlete of the Week

​Congrats Jake on being named CBS 19 Student-Athlete of the Week.  Find the story here​.​​

10/15/2018Ellie Quick Named Student-Athlete of the Week.

​Congrats Ellie on being named CBS 19 Student-Athlete of the Week.  Find the story here​.

9/27/2018Allison Davis named Student-Athlete of the Week.

​Congrats Allison on being named CBS 19 Student-Athlete of the Week.  Find the story here​.

9/13/2018Allie Cognata named Student-Athlete of the Week.

Congrats Allie on being named CBS 19 Student-Athlete of the Week.  See the story here​.  

4/18/2018Students Win National Latin Exam Awards

​Each year, Latin students may opt to take the National Latin Exam. Students earn certificates and medals, which can lead to scholarship opportunities and the Board of Education's Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas. Congratulations to the students who earned recognition this year!

Cum Laude (With Praise - Certificate): Alexis Stadler, Mimi Leliveld, Wren Jenkins, Kendal Dill

Magna Cum Laude (With Great Praise - Certificate): Zac Carlson, Brennan Cox, Hannah Anderson, Amy Hickman, Delaney Eubank, Francis Pastor, Liam Steinke, Halle Early

Maxima Cum Laude (With the Greatest Praise - Silver Medal): Emma Jolly, Ryan Paduano, Lilly Encarnation, Paloma Alvarado

Summa Cum Laude (With the Highest Praise - Gold Medal): Camille Hoke, Charlotte Bailey, Parker Harrison, Sierra Garrison, Marissa Duffield, Kate Decker, Lizzie Heck

11/14/2017Monticello Drama Wins Numerous Awards

​Congratulations to Monticello Drama, which was selected a top six finalist at the 2017 VTA Conference for the student written and directed drama, "A King's Story." Thad Lane, Moaysia Jackson, and Josh St. Hill all won acting awards. 

Monticello Drama also won the VHSL sub-regional competition on November 3rd, where Lane, Jackson, and St. Hill won additional acting awards.

10/17/2017Lindsay Gunsallus Selected Student Athlete of the Week

​Congratulations, Lindsay! Click HERE for the story.

9/29/2017Kevin Jarrell Selected Student Athlete of the Week

​Congratulations, Kevin! Click HERE for the CBS 19 News story

4/24/2017Chris Stanek awarded grant for beekeeping
Congratulations to Mr. Stanek on receiving a $3,100 grant from Dominion for his proposal, "Operation Bee." Mr. Stanek will use this money to integrate beekeeping into the AP Environmental Science course and to create a beekeeping club open to all MoHS students. Below are excerpts from the Executive Summary of his grant proposal:

Beekeeping is a hobby, career, social service and a valuable part of the foundation of our food supply. This valuable public service is quickly becoming a lost art. The majority of beekeepers are over sixty years old. With more and more young people moving into urban settings, this skill is not being passed down to younger generations. We rely on honeybees to support biodiversity in our local landscapes and to pollinate our crops. We, as a school system, need to assume some of the responsibility of sharing this skill with younger generations. Students learn from authentic experiences, and beekeeping has many lessons to teach.

AP Environmental Science provides the perfect setting to explore beekeeping. Students can learn many of the major themes and topics of this rigorous course through beekeeping. Each unit or theme allows the classroom hives to be explored from a different perspective. Using beekeeping as an authentic classroom experience will give students real methods to apply the course content in a way that provides a service for their community and a reward (honey) for their hard work.

While AP Environmental Science is way to look at the science of beekeeping through the lense of a college level course, it makes the hive inaccessible to many students at Monticello High School. Learning the skill of beekeeping is a valuable experience and should be available to all students. In order to provide this opportunity the school will also host a beekeeping club. The club will expand the educational opportunities enabled by the hives and provide continuity between academic calendar years. The club will be open to all grade and academic levels at Monticello.
4/21/2017Apoorv Sharma participated in U.S. Geography Olympiad
Apoorv Sharma, a junior, qualified and competed in the U.S. Geography Olympiad, which took place Friday, April 21. He was the only student representing MoHS and the Albemarle county schools at this level. Apoorv is a past competitor at the National Geography Bee.

Apoorv was also the "lone fighter" for MHS at the State Championship of National Academic Quiz Tournament, held at UVA on April 1st, 2017. There were multiple teams from prominent schools including Thomas Jefferson High School and Maggie Walker High School (both Governor's Schools)  with 4-6 players in each team. Although the MoHS team was severely disadvantaged due to Apoorv being "solo", he stood ground and finished #33 among 145 brilliant participants in individual standings.
4/18/2017Student performers in Hip-Hop Festival
Congratulations to Jose Antonio, Josh St. Hill, Jadiss Thomas, Rayquan Thomas, Jahmein Vest and Shaun Woode. Each student performed at the Nine Pillars Freshman Class High School Hip-Hop Showcase on Monday, April 17. They all earned an radio interview with Remy St. Clair on 101.3 FM! Contact Mr. Wade in the attendance office for more information.

All the performances were captured on Facebook Live and you can watch them here (albeit without the best sound quality):
Josh St. Hill
Jose Antonio & Shaun Woode
Jadiss Thomas, Rayquan Thomas, & Jahmein Vest (plus additional MoHS students)
4/17/2017Two students selected for Governor's School in French
Congratulations to Megan Petty and Caroline Sarpy. They pair earned invitations to participate in the Académie Française du Gouverneaur de Virginie, a three-week residential immersion program, at Washington & Lee University this summer.
4/14/2017Two students selected for Governor's School in Theatre
Congratulations to juniors Italyia Lee and Elena Schmelter! They have been selected for this summer's Governor's School academy in performance. Two selections for one school in one performance area is very rare. In order to see these two students display their talents, please come see the spring musical, In the Heights.
4/14/2017Natalie Steinberg places 3rd at TomTom Youth Summit
On April 13, 2017, Natalie Steinberg participated in the TomTom Festival Youth Summit Business Pitch Challenge, proposing her idea, Boutique Network. Natalie won the third place prize, a mentorship from the Community Investment Collaborative. Congratulations Natalie!
4/14/2017MoHS Latin students earn awards on National Latin Exam
Several Monticello Latin students took the Natinal Latin Exam in March. Many earned recognition. Please join us in congratulating them on their performance!

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Marissa Duffield, Delaney Eubank
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Amar Ma’ayan, Ellie Wray
Magna Cum Laude: Eric Farrar, Liam Steinke
Cum Laude: Francis Pastor

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal) and a PERFECT PAPER: Kate Decker
Magna Cum Laude: Lilly Encarnation, Jillian Jacobson

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Zach Danial
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Lizzie Heck, Halle Early, Paloma Alvarado
Magna Cum Laude: Kendal Dill

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Amaya Wallace
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Perry Lee, Vivian Morris

Latin V:
Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Zadie Lacey
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Sophie Condron
Magna Cum Laude: Piper Goodman
Cum Laude: Marina Pastor
4/14/2017Will Nordt & Rafael Torres earn prize at TomTom Youth Summit
On April 13, 2017, Will Nordt & Rafael Torres participated in the TomTom Festival Youth Summit Community Pitch Challenge, proposing their idea for a charity golf tournament to support disabled veterans. Will & Rafael won $250 to use towards their project. Congratulations Will & Rafael!
3/28/2017Photography Students Published
Congratulations to the following MoHS photography students that were published in the 2016-2017 version of "Crossroads V." The book contains poetry, prose, and photography from central Virginia teens. Of the 36 total that were selected for photography, 17 were from our Photography class at Monticello. The book was released on Monday, March 27, 2017.
  • Tianna Ames
  • Caleb Buow
  • Emily Carter
  • Sadie Carter
  • Renee Craft
  • Abby Davis
  • Jacob Gillespie
  • Madison Gneiting
  • Grace Hallowell
  • Peyton Lewis
  • Camden Luck
  • Marcus McCrea
  • Elise Moya
  • Tania Nuevo
  • Marina Pastor
  • Nikki Shiflett
  • Sarah Wojack
2/16/2017Team 20/20 students recognized for video production
Congratulations to students in the Team 20/20 classes for their participation in the 360 Filmmakers Challenge Fall 2016! One video, The Fakes, was awarded the One Moment award during the national showcase competition!

The Fakes
360 Filmmakers Challenge (Facebook)
All 360 videos by Team 20/20

Note that these videos are best viewed on a mobile device. If viewing on your computer, you can scroll around the video area using your mouse and by dragging on the video itself.
2/11/2017Sophia Shepherd is Newsplex Student Athlete of the Week
Three-sport senior Mustang Sophia Shepherd was recognized as the Newsplex Student Athlete of the Week on Thursday, February 9. Congratulations to Sophia. Coverage is available at the link below.

Student Athlete of the Week: Sophia Shepherd
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