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UVa Madison House Tutors

UVa Madison House Tutors

Madison House is a student volunteer organization at University of Virginia that offers tutoring for Monticello High Students. The Tutoring Program strives to provide academic and personal support to students by matching students with a tutor from UVA. All attempts will be made to match students, but there is no guarantee. All applications will be online. Recommendations for tutoring services can be made via teacher, parent, student, or counselor. If students/parents do not have internet available please send them to Counseling Office to see their counselor for assistance.

Each year we partner with UVA’s Madison House to provide free tutoring to some of our students. Teachers, students and parents can make a tutoring request at the following link: Monticello HS: Tutor Request Form

The deadline to make a referral is Wednesday, September 19th. If the student is matched with a tutor, Madison House will contact the parent. If the parent is not contacted, it means Madison House was unable to match the student with a tutor.

Below are a few notes regarding Madison House. If you have any questions about Madison House tutoring, please reach out to Nikhil Patla at

  • Tutoring will begin the week of September 24th
  • Tutoring is free
  • Tutoring takes place at Monticello High School
  • Typically tutoring begins at 4:00 but if a student has a free period Madison House might be able to coordinate to meet during the free period
  • In years past not all students have been able to be matched with tutors. Unfortunately, our demand is more than their supply

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