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School Clinic

Welcome to the Henley Middle School Clinic!

The role of the school nurse is to remove health barriers so that optimal learning can occur. The school nurse is responsible for overseeing the medication and vision screening programs, as well as providing training, referrals and assistance to families.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. If my child is home sick from school, how long should he stay home after an illness?

2. My child takes medication during the school day. Can he still take them on a field trip?

3. My child has been diagnosed with a new condition that requires a change in the school routine. How can I communicate that with all the necessary staff that need to know?

4. Does the school nurse contact a parent every time a child needs basic first aid treatment?

5. Can the nurse give my child medicine at school?


1. As a general rule, a child should stay home from school for at least 24 hours after running a temp, unless, otherwise indicated by an MD.

2. Yes. The nurse will make sure that each child that is attending a field trip that requires medication will have it available to him. Along with providing the class with a first aid kit for the field trip, the nurse also packs the necessary medications that the class might need. If there are any special instructions that the teacher might need to know, the nurse will provide that as well to the teacher.

3. Inform the school nurse immediately. If you want to come in to discuss the matter, call or stop by. The nurse will make sure that all the necessary forms are completed if needed and also inform the appropriate staff of the concern, Accommodations can be made to allow the child to visit the nurse as needed throughout the school day. All information will be kept strictly confidential and only made available to staff that need to be informed.

4. The nurse will contact a parent of any serious injury including any head trauma that occurred during the school day. If a parent would like for the nurse to apply any OTC ointment ,such as neosporin or benadryl, you can request a first aid treatment form from the clinic. The form will be kept on file and only the approved treatments will be done without contacting the parents first. Basic first aid, including washing the injured area and applying a bandaid to the area will be done without notifying the parents prior to treatment.

5. Generally, yes. First, a Parent's Request for Giving Medicine at School must be completed and on file. Parents must also provide the medication that is being given to the student. If this medication is a controlled substance, such as Ritalin, an adult must bring the medication to school. Forms for prescription medications, such as antibiotics, inhalers, epipens, etc. must also be signed by the prescribing physician. The form is available by following the "Forms" link in the navigation bar on the left of the screen.​​​​​

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