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Earth and Space

Astronomy for Kids-Lots of great information about space. Click a planet to learn all about it!

StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronauts-Information about space from NASA

Ecosystems and Biomes

Blue Planet Biomes-Take a look at the world map; learn about the plants and animals of different biomes of the world

Enchanted Learning:Biomes-A complex community of plants and animals in a region and a climate is called a biome. Use this site to learn all about the biomes of the world

K-4 Science: Planning a Trip to Funworld-This activity module lets you practice what you know about different biomes by packing for a virtual field trip to your biome

MBG Net-designed to help you learn about the different ecosystems and biomes of the world

Energy and Electicity

Energy Quest-From the California Energy Commission, this site hopes to answer questiosn and spur creativity and imagination about energy and conservation

The Atoms Family-Learn about electricty with Dracula, Frankenstein, and their pals

Force and Motion

Pushes and Pulls-Play with different kinds of pushes and pulls. How far does it go?

General Sites

ARS: Science 4 Kids-Read true stories about many science related topic. The site includes pictures, links, and even some games.

Kidzone: National Wildlife Federation-Explore NWF's educational pathways to understanding, appreciating and safeguarding the natural world.

The Black Hole Gang-Meet four kids and their dog, Newton, who are crazy about all kinds of science.

The Why? Files-Check out this collection of stories about news and current events to explore science, health, environment and technology

Light and Sound

Crackling Noise-many different processes from devastating earthquakes to crumpling pieces of paper to magnetizing magnets produce crackling noise. Check out some at this site.

KidsHealth: Let's Hear it for the Ear!-Learn how the parts of the ear work together so you can hear and process sounds all day, every day.

Learning About Sound-Check out this site created by 5th graders

The Magic School Bus Get an Earful!-Listen carefully and try to match the sounds

Living Things: Plants and Animals

Defenders of Wildlife: Kids Planet -Check out a virtual story on the web of life, play games like concentration and picture puzzles, read on page fact sheets on over 50 species of animals, and more!

K-4 Earth Science: Planning a Trip to Funworld-Practice what you know about different biomes by packing for a virtual field trip to your biome

KIDCYBER: Animals-Learn about many different kinds of animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden Tour-Enjoy a virtual field trip through these beautiful gardens

National Zoo - FONZ-Visit the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Check out the webcams, videos, photos, games, and online demonstrations.

San Diego Zoo Kid's Territory - Visit this site to meet the critters, play some games, find out about zoo jobs, and see fun crafts, recipies, and science projects

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Kids Zone - Learn about all kinds of animals through informational books.  Check out "Animal Bytes" for a photograph and some fast facts.  Visit the Animal Sounds library and see the latest arrivals to Sea World in the Small Wonders section

The Great Plant Escape-Help Detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life

The Magic School Bus Friz TV: Photosynthesis-Click "Launch FrizTV" to watch an interactive episode about photosynthesis

The Phoenix Zoo: Animals!-Find a great list of fact sheets about many animals

Wildflowers in Bloom-Click on the name of a wildflower to see its picture and learn interesting facts about that specific flower


Chem4kids-Take an online tour to learn about the different states of matter

Hypermedia Textbook: Matter - Read about matter in this online textbook

States of Matter - Click gas, liquid, or solid to view the action of the particles up close

Natural Disasters

SkyDiary: KidStorm- Get information, see pictures and graphics, and find links to more facts about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing

Smokey Kids: Only You Can Prevent Wildfires-Smokey Bear has been working for over 50 years to remind Americans of the importance of outdoor fire safety and wildfire prevention.  Check out Smokey's web site

The Disaster Area-From FEMA, learn about natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and more

Natural Resources

Hypermedia Textbook: Water-Read about water in this online textbook

Trees are Terrific-Travel with Pierre, the acorn, and learn about trees

Water Science for Schools: Earth's Water-Read the story of where, how much, and in what forms water exists on earth

Simple Machines

Dirtmeister's Simple Machines-Investigate and report on the six simple machines with Dirtmeister, the Science Reporter

EdHeads: Simple Machines-Try to find all the simple machines in an online house and tool shed.  Check out the glossary if you get stuck!

Simple Machines Photographs-See real photographs of all the simple machines

The Franklin Institute-See pictures and get facts about six simple machines

The Inventor's Toolbox-Elements of Machines-Check out the info and then try the quiz called "gadget anatomy"

Soil and Rocks

NRCS: What Is Soil Conservation?-Get a worm's eye view of that wonderful stuff we call soil!

The Adventures of Herman-Learn all about worms...from how they got to America to their soil neighborhood friends. There are a few fun activities and a Herman Art Gallery


The Weather Game-See how much you know about weather, seasons, and climate by testing your knowledge in an online quiz show

Weather Maker-Use this interactive site to make it snow!

Weather Station-Information about clouds, rain, wind and snow, as well as moon phases and weather extremes

Become a St​orm Spotter From Home​​​

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