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All About Numbers
Find One More-A kind of "memory" game that uses 9 squares to find 4 pairs of objects
Find the Number-Practicing recognizing the numbers from 1-10
Give the Dog a Bone-Can you find 10 hidden bones in a 100's chart in less that one minutes?
Let's count!-A fun, colorful set of counting activities
Mend the Number Square-A site where young children can practice completing number patterns in a number square (grid).
More Counting!-An interactive, colorful set of counting activities
Snakes and Ladders-Roll the dice and move your playing piece along the 100's board. One or two players
Splat Square-Splat paint in the squares on a 1-100 chart
Splat Squares 2-Fill in the numbers 1-100 and splat paint in the squares
Computation and Estimation
A+ Math-Work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with interactive flash cards, games, and more!
Dartboard-Use number skills and a dart board to practice computation
Little Animals Activity Center-Practice adding and subtractine with Count Hoot, the owl.
Math Magician Games-Practice your skills with these games
Math Mayhem-Put your math skills to the ultimate challenge in this fast paced, multiplayer game.
Power Lines 1-The power cells have to be place in the circles so that all the numbers in a line add up to the power line total
Power Lines 2-The Ultimate Challenge!
Power Lines 3-The Ultimate Challenge
Spacey Math-Practice your math skills while using lasers to reenergize a space station
Sum Sense: Addition-Drag and drop number cards to make 'sum' addition sense
Sum Sense: Division-Drag and drop number cards to make 'sum' division sense
Sum Sense: Multiplication-Drag and drop number cards to make 'sum' multiplication sense
Sum Sense: Subtraction-Drag and drop number cards to make 'sum' subtraction sense
Test the Toad-Play a game while praticing simple addition and subtraction facts
Fractions, Decimals, Percents
         AAA Math
Bowling for Fractions-Build and write fractions to play this bowling game
Count On! Fractions!-Play four different games to practice adding fractions
Cross the River-Chose the fraction to match the model and help the character cross the river
Fresh Baked Fractions-Simplify fractions and look for equivalent fractions in this game from Fun Brain
Kids Online Resources-Learn about fractions with this fun tutorial
Visual Fractions-Try this tutorial that models fractiosn with number lines or circles
Who Wants Pizza?-Check out this fun way to learn about fractions
Estimating Angles-Try your hand at estimating angles by helping some monkeys with their bananas
Science Museum of Minnesota: Shapes-Lots of activities to help you learn about shapes
Measurement, Time, and Money
FunBrain: Change Maker-Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible by figuring out the correct change
Measure It!-Read the directions and show the correct amount of money
Stop the Clock
The U.S. Mint's Site for Kids-Designed as a fun, educational tool for students and teachers that generates interest in coins, the Mint, and U.S. history
Probability and Statistics
Explore Your Knowledge-How's your math and science knowledge? What are the resulots aroung the world based on the same questions? Visit this site to find out
Fish Tank-Lean about probability with a tank full of yellow and red fish
Math Teaser Challenge-Test your math/statistics skills with some fun and interesting questions
What Are Your Chances?-Try this dice game to see how increasing or decreasing the number of rolls affects the outcome

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