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Albemarle Tech: Center for Creativity and Invention

​​Albemarle Tech
Center for Creativity and Invention

Albemarle Tech: The Center for Creativity and Invention is a new ACPS high school experience designed to offer students an alternative style of learning in a place where they are supported and where they can succeed.

Designed using the best contemporary research on education, Albemarle Tech will remove several potential barriers to learning: such as time constraints, environmental limitations, and curricular restrictions. In addition, with a location embedded in the Albemarle County world of innovative businesses, ATech will allow students to fully engage their world. Removing these barriers allows students to discover an extensive education made possible by a grassroots connection to the community through technological problem-solving and maker-infused learning.

Albemarle Tech will accept high school seniors in the first year, expanding to other grades for the 2019-2020 school year.

Operating in ways that will maximize student achievement - both in present day academic pursuits and lifelong experiences - Albemarle Tech is a full time experience without learning time limitations, curricular divisions, or traditional grading practices. Students will have the opportunity to imagine, design, collaborate, and complete projects both within their own school community but also with community partners through internship opportunities. These experiences will meet the needs of each individual student, and by writing their own learning contract with support and guidance of educators, students will declare their goals, decide what they want to do, and even how many credits they should earn. When complete, students will report to the school community on their accomplishments.

Designed to pilot the concepts behind the division’s High School 2022 and High School Centers programs, Albemarle Tech will pioneer the use of many of the new ideas and systems before they debut across the County. These new concepts range from different report cards, ID cards with multiple purposes, new ways to build portfolios, and even new ideas for school lunch services.

Albemarle Tech: The Center for Creativity and Invention will open in August for the 2018-2019 school year.

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