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Academy Admissions

​​Admission Timeline for the 2019-20 School Year

Please check back as deadlines may change.

November, 25, 2019 - The application for MESA for the 2020-21​ will be available and posted at the bottom of the Application Information page. The application includes student writing and an essay question, and requires three letters of recommendation from current math and science teachers and another person​ who knows the student.  We are also accepting a 4th letter of recommendation this year.

January, 24, 2020 - Application Due Date. Applications may be delivered to the students middle school guidance counselors or to AHS. Applications may also be mailed to MESA; c/o Albemarle High School; 2775 Hydraulic Road; Charlottesville, VA 22901, faxed to (434) 974-4335, attention Tony Wayne. Applications must be postmarked by the due date. (Dropping an application into a post office box in the evening or after the pickup time marked on the box will postmark the envelop the next business day. This may be too late if you are mailing something on the day of the deadline.)

Please Note: (Because it has happened in the past). In the event Albemarle County schools are closed due to inclement weather on the due date, the deadline will be extended to the end of the next full school day.

Late applications will not be accepted. 

February 28, 2020 - All notifications will be sent electronically at 5:00 PM​.  As we anticipate students applying to multiple academies, there will be two rounds of acceptance letters.  The 2nd round will occur as we attempt to balance numbers.  Students will be accepted, denied or placed on the waiting list. Any openings created will be filled at random from the Wait List.

March 13, 2020 - Students will confirm or deny acceptance. Middle school counselors will be notified, so that students are enrolled in the appropriate high schools for fall of the 2020-21 school year.

You must be a student of Albemarle County Schools​ to attend and ACPS academy.

A complete MESA application includes the 3-page application, one short essay question​, a personal statement and up to four letters of recommendation.  In the event you have not been with your current science teacher long enough for them to get to know you, please ask your science teacher from 7th grade to write your letter of recommendation.  Ideally, your letters of recommendation would include two math teachers, one science teacher and a teacher or coach that knows you in another capacity.  The MESA application committee will evaluate a maximum of four letters of reference from each applicant.    

Applications may be given to your school's guidance counselor, or may be faxed or mailed to Albemarle High School. We recommend handing in your completed application to your middle school counselor.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please make sure to print your email address clearly on your application as we will use this to communicate with you regarding missing components of your application.

Application Tip: Many of your teachers will be bombarded at the last minute with letters of recommendation.  Ask early as this allows your teacher more time to compose a letter. 


Application Checklist:

  • Application Part 1
  • Letter of Recommendation (Science Teacher)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Math Teacher #1)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Another teacher. Preferably an additional math teacher.)
  • Letter of Recommendation (Other)
  • Course Transcript (From Guidance Counselor)
  • Application part 3 turned in to your guidance department.

Application Components:

All three application components are due by 11:59 PM, January 25th, 2019​. No late applications will be accepted.

Part 1 Online at Fill out this form once and it is shared among all of the academies.
Part 2 ​​ ​ At least three recommendations.
  • One from your 8th grade science teacher.

  • One from your 8th grade math teacher.

  • One from another teacher.  (Note:  This is not required for HMSA, your third recommendation may be from a teacher, coach, or other adult in supervisory role.)

  • An optional fourth recommendation form from a teacher, coach, or other adult in supervisory role.

These are done online. Share this link the online recommendation form with your recommending teachers to make sure they know. These recommendations will be shared with all of the academies you apply to. Each applicant should ask the person he or she is requesting to write a recommendation in person. Share the link above with him or her. (All academies share the this same recommendaiton form.)
Part 3


  • PRINT and fill out this Google Doc form,
  • To edit the form:
  • Log into your Google account.
  • Open the link above.
  • From the “File” menu, select, “Make a copy…” Then edit your copy.
  • See a teacher at your school if you need help. 

Then do one of the following:

  • Turn it into your school’s guidance department.
  • Drop is off to the high school by closing on 1/24/2020.
  • Mail it to the academy'​s school with a postmark no later than 1/24/2020.
  • We will contact the school for transcripts after receiving part 3 of your application if your application does not include it.

Tony Wayne
MESA Applications
Albemarle High School
2775 Hydraulic Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22901-6917

MESA has developed a seven question math skills assessment. This is for you to see if you have the math knowledge needed for the start of the 9th grade MESA courses. It is here, MESA does not want your results from this assessment. It is for you.


  • Download and fill out the form found here​.

Then do one of the following:

  • Turn it into your school’s guidance department.
  • Drop is off to the school by closing on 1/25/2019.
  • Mail it to the academy'​s school with a postmark no later than 1/25/2019.
  • We will contact the school for transcripts after receiving part 3 of your application if your application does not include it.​
Personal Statement Video Submission required (if technology is an issue may be typed).​

Adam Mulcahy
ESA Applications
Western Albemarle High School
5941 Rockfish Gap Turnpike
Crozet, VA 22932


  • Download and fill out the documents located at the bottom of the HMSA Admissions page ​​, <<Applications​ are currently closed. They will reopen at the end of November 2019.>> 


Then do one of the following:

  • Turn it into your school’s guidance department.
  • Drop is off to the school by closing on 1/25/2019.
  • Mail it to the academy'​s school with a postmark no later than 1/25/2019.
  • We will contact the school for transcripts after receiving part 3 of your application if your application does not include it.​
Documents Include:  Parent Recommendation, HMSA Applicant Questions, and Admissions Agreement.​
Katina Dudley
HMSA Applications
Monticello High School
1400 Independence Way
Charlottesville, VA  22902
     Rising high school juniors can apply to become part of MESA and take the 4 engineering elective classes. (PVCC's EGR120, Engineering Research and Design 1, PVCC's EGR 115, and Engineering Research and Design 2.) We typically have between zero and five seats available during the junior year. The class requires the student to either have taken calculus or to take calculus with the class. Calculus requires the prerequisite of math analysis and trigonometry. You must also have high school credits for successfully completing any of the science class combinations at the AP or honors level.
  • Chemistry and biology, or
  • chemistry and Earth science, or
  • chemistry and AP physics, or
  • AP physics and Earth science, or
  • AP physics and biology.

AP Physics will be taken at the same time as the junior engineering classes if it has not been successfully completed already. You must have an over all average of a B- or better in all of your high school math and science classes. All of your classes must be honors level or higher, (if the honors level is offered.) This is the same requirement that our MESA students must meet.

If you are applying from a school other than Albemarle High School and you are offered admission, then you will need provide your own transportation to and from AHS. You will also become part of the AHS student body and take your other classes with the rest of the AHS student body.

Space is limited to available empty seats in the classrooms from students who left the program. As more seats become available in the spring, this is common, we will pull students randomly from our waitlist. This process will go on typically until May. It takes so long because it takes this long to meet with and schedule the 270 students in the program.

This application due date is different than the one above, It is February 7th, 2020.
You will a status update after 4:00 PM on Febraury 17th​.

The application is three parts.
Part 1
The i​nterest form: It can be found here,

Part 2
Four teacher recommendations. Two from your current science and math teachers. Two from your previous science and math teachers. Share the following link with your teachers This is the form that allows them to do a recommendation for you.​ This link is different from the link for rising freshman. It is specifically for rising juniors.

Part 3
  • Log in to your Google Drive account.
  • Open this Google doc,
  • Make a copy of the document and type in your response into your copy.
  • Print it and bring it the MESA office in room 244. if you are not at Albemarle High School, mail it to the high school. You also need to include a transcript of your high school grades. 


Contact MESA Director Tony Wayne at (434) 975-9300 x 60624 or ​​



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