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Test Dates and Information

Test Dates and Information

AHS School Code: 470420

PSAT Test Date: 2019 Date Coming Soon!

All 10th and 11th grade students will be administered the PSAT at AHS.  Please contact Ms. Sheena Washington at or 974-4321 for additional information.

2019-2020 SAT Test Dates

To register, go to

SAT Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline
August 24, 2019July 26, 2019August 13, 2019
October 5, 2019September 6, 2019September 24, 2019
November 2, 2019October 3, 2019October 22, 2019
December 7, 2019November 8, 2019November 26, 2019
March 14, 2020February 14, 2020March 3, 2020
May 2, 2020April 3, 2020April 21, 2020
June 6, 2020May 8, 2020May 27, 2020

2019-2020 ACT Test Dates

Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Fee Required)
September 14, 2019August 16, 2019August 17-30, 2019
October 26, 2019September 20, 2019September 21-October 4, 2019
December 14, 2019November 8, 2019November 9-22, 2019
February 8, 2020January 10, 2020January 11-17, 2020
April 4, 2020February 28, 2020February 29-March 13, 2020
June 13, 2020May 8, 2020May 9-22, 2020
July 18, 2020*June 19, 2020June 20-26, 2020

**All materials sent by mail must be RECEIVED by the last date of the late period, regardless of when they are postmarked.

About SATs​ and ACTs

Most four year colleges require either SAT or ACT scores for admission. Though the SAT is more popular in this part of the country, the ACT is accepted at almost every college as well. Look at college websites for specific requirements. We recommend that students take their first SAT/ACT in the spring of 11th grade and take it again in October or November of 12th grade. Most people benefit from taking it more than once for two reasons:

Most people improve their scores the second time they take it.

Colleges will combine the best section scores from each test to come up with the total score.

You can prepare for the SAT and ACT. The first level of preparation is in your school classes. All academic classes focus on improving your writing, expanding your vocabulary, and understanding and analyzing what you read. Of course, your math classes will give you the necessary tools for the math section. On top of that, it is also recommended that you take practice tests and use the tools provided by SAT/ACT preparation books or on line at and, respectively.

Also, there is free SAT and ACT tutorials on SAT preparation classes are available as well. Many are expensive. They are not necessary, but can be helpful.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are one-hour multiple-choice tests that, like the SAT, are designed to assess your child’s academic readiness for college. SAT Subject Tests focus on very specific subject areas. They are not required by all colleges, but it is usually the more selective schools that ask for one or two of them. If you are a high achieving student that is planning to apply to very selective schools, it would be a good idea to look into taking subject tests starting your junior year. You can take up to three in one sitting.

Registration for the tests is easy on-line at for the SAT and for the ACT. Both websites also have valuable college search and financial aid information.

2019 AP Exam Calendar


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