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WAHS Leadership

WAHS leadership plans, events, fundraisers, and community service activities throughout the school year. Members of this class work to boost school spirit, unify the school, and raise money for both local and national charities. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program, see the guidance office for an application.

 Leadership Calendar

Leadership Teachers and Contact Info

Molly Miracle:

Sandra McLaughlin:

Student government 2015-2016:

Class officer and Executive Council elections take place during the Spring Semester. Electrions for freshman officers takes place in the fall.

Executive Council 

  • Lucie Taylor (President)

  • Ian O’Donnell

  • Billy Livermon

  • Phoebe Devito

  • Alex 

  • Madison Masloff



Twitter: @WAHSLeadership

Instagram: @wahsleadership

Class Officers 2015-2016:


  • Gabby Eng (President)

  • Kela Meier

  • Cooper Devito

  • Bevin Lexa

  • Class Sponsors: Dan Bledsoe & Lani Hoza

Twitter: @WAHS2019

Twitter: @WAHS2019


  • Chris McGahren (President)

  • Johnny

  • Kira 

  • Max Miller

  • Class Sponsors: Caitlin Pitts & Forest Garrison


Twitter: @wahs_2018


  • Esther (President)

  • Ryan 

  • Sarah

  • Ben Crissey

  • Class Sponsors: Sophie Hyman & Susan Lohr



Twitter: @WAHS2k17


  • Hannah Curry (President)

  • Silas Frayser

  • Maeve Winter

  • Gannon Willcutts

  • Class Sponsors: Sandra McLaughlin & Elizabeth Mulcahy


Twitter: @2016WAHS

What We Do

Singing Valentines


Spirit Week


Club Fair


James Sun Run

Season of Caring



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