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Biography of William Glasser

William Glasser, M. D.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1925, William Glasser was educated at Case Western Reserve University where he received his BS (1945) and MA (1948) in Clinical Psychology and his M. D. (1953) in Psychiatry. He completed his medical internship at UCLA from 1954 to 1957, his Psychiatric Residency at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Los Angeles, and was Board Certified in Psychiatry in 1961. The University of San Francisco awarded Dr. Glasser the honorary degree of Doctor of Human Letters, Honoris Causa in 1990.

Dr. Glasser has written twenty-one books, most published by HarperCollins, including his best selling Reality Therapy (1965), Schools Without Failure (1969), Positive Addiction (1976), The Quality School (1990), The Quality School Teacher (1993), and Choice Theory in the Classroom (1998). In the last five years, he has written Choice Theory (1998), Counseling with Choice Theory (2001) (paperback edition of Reality Therapy in Action published in 2000), What is This Thing Called Love? (2000), Getting Together and Staying Together (2000), Every Student Can Succeed (2000), Fibromyalgia (2001), Parents and Teens (2002), and Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health (2003).

He is president of the William Glasser Institute in Chatsworth, California, an international organization consisting of over 59,000 people who have received training in choice theory, reality therapy, quality education, and choice theory management all over the world.

Dr. Glasser worked in the private practice of psychiatry in West Los Angeles from 1956 – 86, while lecturing and writing on a concurrent basis. Since closing his office, he has devoted himself completely to writing, lecturing, and intensively training people in his ideas. He has worked and consulted in every area of psychiatry and has taught and lectured at universities in many countries of the world. He is presently an adjunct professor of Counseling at California State University, Northridge.

His major effort is to teach the world choice theory, a new psychology aimed at replacing the present psychology of the world, which he calls external control psychology. He believes that external control psychology is a plague on humanity because it destroys human relationships. In doing so, it prevents us from getting along any better with each other than we ever have, as evidenced by our failure to improve marital, family, teacher-student, and manager-worker relationships during the present century.

At this time, the City of Corning, New York, with Dr. Glasser’s guidance, has begun a five-year project to teach 20,000 people to replace external control psychology with choice theory. This may be the first time in the history of the world that a whole community has embraced a new psychology. The Corning Choice Community Project has been underway since 1997.

Dr. Glasser is currently retired from his speaking tours, but if you would like to have someone come to speak about choice theory in your area, contact The William Glasser Institute at 1-800-899-0688 for details.

Tom Dunn, Senior Instructor at the William Glasser Institute

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