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Club Information

Club Information

1.To check your points, follow the guildlines below.

2.Open the excel worksheet of YOUR GRADE LEVEL by clicking on the excel ICON.

3.Select Column A and hold CTRL-F to type your name in.

4.Press enter and find your points under the total section (second column).




Albemarle High School Key Club

The Key Club is an international organization with thousands of members worldwide. THe AHS Key Club (200 members) is part of the Kiwanis family and is sponsored by Albemarle High School and the Charlottesville Kiwanis CLub. The Charlottesville Kiwanis Club also sponsors Key Clubs at other high schools and the Circle-K at UVA. THe AHS Key Club is the premier service club in the area and is routinely recognized at District Convention. As a member, you will be expected to participate in a wide variety of projects to benefit the school, community, and the needy of the world. All members are encouraged to promote any service project that they would like to have the club involved with. . . just bring ideas to an executive meeting (Tuesday mornings at 8:30--room 40) or to your committee meetings. The officers of the club operate under the job descriptions in the SCA Constitution, and the club is governed by the Constitution of Key Club International and the rules and policies of AHS and Albemarle County.

Point System

As a Key Club member, you are responsible for active participation in service projects. The Executive committee will not accept participation only in fundraising and food related projects. The club has a point system to keep track of participation. Service projects are worth 30 points for each hour you WORK, and social events are worth 20 points per hour. Kiwanis dinners and district meetings (attending) are worth 40 points each, and club/committee meetings earn 10 points each. In addition to participation points, fundraising projects earn (1) one point for every dollar you raise. Our goal is for every member to perform three hours of service (90 AHS points) every month. Key Club International has set a goal of five hours per month (1500 AHS points per year) and many of our members reach and exceed that goal. If you join the club, you are required to participate. If you do not participate, you will be given a written warning (probation) and if your participation does not improve, you will be removed from the club. If you are removed from membership (or quit), your dues are nonrefundable (we have to pay KCI). Attendance at the District Convention is determined, in part, by points and the number of projects you participate in. You will find out more about points at the first meeting.


The Key Club has yearly dues of $20.00 payable by the first Club Day. On that date all who have not paid their dues will be dropped. We need the dues as early as possible because the secretary must submit a roster and pay the National and District dues by the deadline. If paying dues is a hardship, please see Mrs. Tyler in room 40. . . arrangements can be made.


The club meets a minimum of once a month during club day in the auditorium or cafeteria. Since we are a large group, it is very important that members sit in the front and pay attention . . .please do not carry on private conversations. All members are expected to attend the club meetings. The Executive Committee meets every Tuesday at 8:30 in room 40--anyone may attend. Committees meet at the end of club meetings. All members should become active in at least one committee as they do most of the planning for our projects.

Your Responsibility

Communications are difficult with a large club and it is important that each member:

*make sure that our records are complete: phone, e-mail, 8th period

*check e-mail/web sites often

*keep newsletters and sign-up sheets *listen to announcements *check the web site

*call the contact person if you need to cancel *check the bulletin board *join the Facebook group

For 2010-2011

1. If you earned fewer than 500 points last year (through April), you will start the year on probation. NEW MEMBERS always start on probation.

2. All members must earn 500 points and participate in six (6) projects by January 15. Those not meeting this goal will be placed on probation. . . if already on probation, you will be removed from membership. Four projects must be actual service.

3. All members must earn 700 points and participate in eight (8) projects by the end of April. Those not meeting this goal will be placed on probation. If you are already on probation, you will be removed from membership.


5. All members, new and old, are expected to attend (and bring food to) the initiation banquet.

6. Seniors wishing to wear Key Club cords (free) must be in good standing and earn 800 points by May 25.

7. Beginning in the summer of 2010, each member will have a summer service requirement of 10 hours. This service may be related to church, scouts, or simply helping a neighbor or an elderly person. You will receive a verification form at the end of the year which you will turn in at the beginning of school in 2010.

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