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Questions and Answers

Q & A

1) Q. What does Key Club stand for?

A. Kiwanis Educating Youth

2)Q. What is Key Club's Motto?

A. Caring -- our way of life

3)Q. What does Key Club do on a regular basis?

A. We plan and execute activities that benefits our community, in other words, we do volunteer work.

4)Q. Why is there a point system in Key Club?

A. We keep track of the volunteer activies you participated in and give you points according to the hours you spent or funds you collected. The point system tells us about you! We can promote and award those who are exceptional Key Club members. We can also use the points to find out and notify people who are inactive.

5)Q. How do I join Key Club!

A. It's easy. At the beginning of the school year, just attend one of our meetings and pay your dues. Although if you want to stay in Key Club, please understand that there is a minimum amount of points that you must reach before a specific date.

6)Q. I can't go to an activity that I signed up, what do I do?

A. 1,You should first tell the coordinator of that activity. 2,We can then take your name off the list and notify someone else who signed up for the activty.

7)Q. What happens if i missed an activty?

A. We will deduct points for missed activities but we will not deduct points if you notify us and find a replacement 2 days prior to the activity.

8)Q. Who do i go to if I have a question?

A. You can ask the officers or Mrs Tyler. You can also email us with the contact info.

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