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Love Conquers All

August 8th, 2019

​Dear Agnor-Hurt Families,

Welcome to the new school year!  We are very excited to have you as a part of our Agnor-Hurt Family.  Our theme this year is one that I hope will resonate with each of you:  Love Conquers All.  Our goal as a school is to let the children here know that they are unconditionally loved by everyone around them all of the time they are at school.  When they have things to celebrate they will know that others around them are celebrating with them, and when times are tough they will know that they are not alone.  And we hope that you, too, will join us in sharing your unconditional love with your children, their teachers, and everyone in our community.

Dream Big

June 6, 2018

Dear Agnor-Hurt Families,

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close I wanted to take a moment to reflect on just how special this year has been.  As we entered school last August none of us knew exactly what to expect.  Charlottesville had just experienced a terrible upheaval in its downtown area, just 3 miles from our front door.  However, as Alexander Zan said at our cookout at Penn Park, Agnor-Hurt is “many neighborhoods but one community.”  Throughout the year we have drawn on the strength and goodness of that community to embrace the theme “We’re all in this together.”

All of us will have personal highlights from this school year.  For some families it will be the excitement of the first days of Kindergarten; for others it is the feelings that come with the ending of an elementary school experience.  Some families experienced the excitement of moving to a new school, while others saw something fresh about a school they have known for quite some time.  New for all of us were the School Wide Morning Meetings that brought the entire student body together every month throughout the year.  All of us experienced a fresh look at International NIght in the fall for the first time with the UVA Basketball Team.  And, just to refresh our memories, this entire year began with the first solar eclipse visible across the entire United States since 1918!

Our theme for the summer is to “Dream Big.”  Children should dream big things, and we hope that each of the children at Agnor-Hurt hold big dreams in their hearts for their friendships, their future, and their impact on this world.  As adults we know, through experience, that not all dreams come true, but children are blessed with vivid imaginations and the ability to dream without doubt.  Our goal as a school is to let the children have fun imagining their big dreams and then give them the tools to pursue them.

We truly hope you have a wonderful summer break.


October 2017

Greetings Agnor-Hurt Families!

Fall is here and with that comes a delightful shift in energy throughout the buiding. The early days of school are filled with the excitement of meeting new friends and reconnecting with the old, remembering the routines from the past and learning the subtle shifts that happen in every room every year. With the change in the weather comes a change in the climate in the school. Kids are into their routines and teachers have gotten to know each child's unique learning habits. The initial buzz of excitement is settling into a happy flow that will take us through most of the rest of the year.

In the past few months since returning to Agnor-Hurt i have been inpressed with the level of expertise our teachers have with the curriculum. They know exactly what the children need to know to be sucessful, and are really creative in ho wthey help them learn! It's also clear that they care deeply for the children. We believe that the culture in the classroom , and the way we go about forming it, helps the children learn at the highest possible levels. And those rich classroom cultures flow right out into the hallway and cover our entire school.

If you haven't made it out to any of our evening activities, or found time to connect with your child's teacher or volunteer in th eclassroom, I would encourage you to come our way and take in the joyful learning environment here at Agnor-Hurt. It really is something special. In the next few months there are a number of wonderful opportunities to come out and experience the richness of our loving school.


August 7, 2017

Greetings Agnor-Hurt!

As many of you have heard, Michele Castner has become the Director of Elementary Education for Albemarle County and I have been appointed to be the Interim Principal for Agnor-Hurt for this school year.  In many ways, this is like coming back home for me.  I was the assistant principal here for 6-years from 2008-2014 and have a great deal of love for our community.

As I have been getting into the groove of things here at Agnor-Hurt I have been reminded that our teachers are very smart, extremely creative, and exceptionally kind.  That is a powerful combination for kids.  There are so many great opportunities for children here (the International Portal, our Multi-Age Pods, state-of-the-art technology), but without intelligent teachers who are creative and kind it would all fall flat.  I truly believe that having strong teachers early on will set a child up for success the rest of his or her life.  Here at Agnor-Hurt, we have the right combination to make that happen.

Whether a child was born right around the corner or halfway around the world, we are all under one roof at Agnor-Hurt.  This school year we will welcome children from over 20 different countries and children born a few miles away.  All of them have a great deal to share with us as they grow into young men and women who know their strengths, are capable of both giving and receiving love, and are equipped to follow their hopes and dreams wherever those may lead them.

It is a privilege to be here as your interim principal this year and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve your children.

Doug Granger

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