Meeting Summaries

In an effort to increase engagement with parents and the community around educational issues, the Albemarle County School Board posts summaries of our meetings here, recognizing that parents and community members may not have time or the opportunity to attend our meetings or connect through our live stream.

The summaries below are organized by meeting date in descending order. Each entry highlights the topics addressed within the update. Click on the desired meeting date to read the corresponding summary.

2020-21 School Year

  • Second Quarter Return to School Stage Decision
  • High School Redesign

  • New Grading Policy
  • Hiring Updates
  • Capital Improvement Program

  • School Name Review: Sutherland Middle School
  • Strategic Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Reopening Schools

  • Updates on Additions and Renovations at Crozet Elementary School
  • Opening Plan for 2020-21 School Year


Meeting summaries from the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years can be accessed on our School Board Meeting Updates page.