Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee

The School Board is seeking applications for representatives for the At-Large seat (any county resident), as well as for the Rio and Rivanna districts. 

The term of office is two years.

The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee is responsible for developing capital improvement program recommendations for the Superintendent. Committee members must reside in the magisterial district they represent, with the exception of the at-large seat, which can be held by any resident of the county. Among the issues, the committee will research, review and make recommendations on school program capacity; enrollment and projections; transportation and operating efficiencies related to facilities planning; creative financing and construction strategies; scope of renovations; school closures and new schools; student accommodation planning; and the division’s requirements for innovative learning environments to accommodate its 21st century instructional model and associated technology resources.

Applicants should have an interest in or experience with school facilities and capital improvement program planning; demographics and economics; elementary, middle and high school programs and needs; public outreach and communication; and/or municipal design and construction. Members are expected to interact and communicate with the School Board and the public through work sessions and community and focus group meetings.

Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee Application

School Health Advisory Board

The School Board will be appointing individuals to serve on the School Health Advisory Board representing the Samuel Miller and Scottsville districts. 

The term of office is two years.

The School Health Advisory Board assists with the development of health policy in the School Division and the evaluation of the status of school health, health education, the school environment, and health services.  Meetings are held at least semi-annually and will annually report on the status and needs of student health in the School Division to any relevant school, the School Board, the Virginia Department of Health, and the Virginia Department of Education.

The School Board may request that the School Health Advisory Board recommend to the School Board procedures relating to children with acute or chronic illnesses or conditions, including, but not limited to, appropriate emergency procedures for any life-threatening conditions and designation of school personnel to implement the appropriate emergency procedures.

School Health Advisory Board Application

Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability (ACES)

The School Board will be appointing individuals to serve on the ACES committee. 

The Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability is formed to advise and inform the School Board and Superintendent about measures to help Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) develop and reach sustainability goals and foster an integrated series of tools and knowledge for the growth of environmental awareness. A significant part of ACES mission will be to guide and coordinate the implementation of the County’s Climate Action Plan as it relates to schools. Implementation will involve goals related to the five sectors of the Climate Action Plan: Transportation and Land Use; Buildings; Renewable Energy Sourcing; Sustainable Materials Management; and Landscape, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. In addition, annually the School Board may identify issues of interest for ACES to investigate and make recommendations. 

Responsibilities of ACES include serving as a resource to the School Board and Superintendent regarding matters of environmental sustainability, developing plans for implementation of the County’s Climate Action Plan goals as they relate to ACPS, developing concrete and/or measurable environmental goals for ACPS, providing  visibility for environmental issues and goals within the ACPS and community, providing a report to the School Board and Superintendent at least annually about progress from the prior year and to receive feedback on Board priorities for the next year, providing a positive environment for constructive reviews of issues through its meetings, subcommittee structure and representatives, and creating methods for feedback from and engagement with students through the student ACES member.

Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability Application

Applications can be emailed to or mailed to Christine Thompson, Clerk of the School Board, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902.