Question of the Week

Question of the week

How did the budget shortfall for the coming school year affect employee raises? 

The ACPS School Board is focused on making sure all employees in ACPS are fairly compensated. This year is no different. Six months ago, the School Board approved a 2% pay increase at midyear. This winter as we planned the budget proposal, even though we initially expected over $8 million in State funding cuts for the next school year, we proposed an additional 3% increase for 2024-25, which means our Board has proposed a total of a 5% pay increase for all employees for the coming school year (last year’s 2% midyear increase plus this coming year’s 3%).

The School Board also prioritized key actions to maintain services during a tight budget year. These actions include funding growth in our English Learner and Special Education populations, maintaining our intervention staff despite Federal funding cuts, and funding our Social Emotional Learning staff from our operating funds since Federal funding for this program has run out.

To afford these priorities and the compensation increase, the Board made reductions in other areas. The Board of Supervisors also helped by raising selected tax rates to provide additional funding for ACPS. Thank you to the Board of Supervisors and Albemarle County Administration!

In ACPS, we know that people make the difference. We want to continue to hire and retain outstanding staff. Since 2019, the School Board has funded 29.3% in increased compensation for classified staff (this was the minimum increase), and an average 32.5% for teachers, including the upcoming 2024-25 school year. 

Answer by Dr. Matthew Haas, Superintendent