Superintendent’s Blog

ACPS employees have been such a powerfully calming influence for our children and families, especially over this past week. T

I’ve started a blog here so that I can reach out directly to our wonderful and diverse community about the things that seem most relevant in our mission as educators at ACPS of establishing a community of learners and learning, through relationships, relevance and rigor, one student at a time. While this mission might seem to be directed primarily to the “traditional” student, I think of myself as a lifelong student and I hope that other members of our community do as well.

In that spirit, I hope that this blog will serve as an opportunity to briefly share tidbits of what I learn as I engage with colleagues, students and the many other remarkable people I encounter in Albemarle County and beyond. And I want to learn from you! If you read something that piques your interest or that provokes questions, contact me. I believe that having these types of exchanges is how great organizations—and people—are made.