A student works on a daffodil for her mother.

“I’ll love you for whole years, and though things might change,” Patrice Harris, a teacher at Woodbrook Elementary School, read to her class. “As you grow bigger, my love stays the same.”

Patrice was reading a book to her class about a mother’s enduring love, just in time for Mother’s Day. After the class read the book together, they got to work constructing daffodils out of tissue paper and cupcake wrappers.

Patrice Harris reads to her class.

But the best part of all was that not only was Patrice’s class taking home a gift for their moms on Mother’s Day, they also got to take home a copy of the book they read in class home to share with their family.

This gift was made possible by a $38,000 grant from the SoHo Center, a nonprofit organization that works to put books in the hands of children at a young age. Thanks to the grant, each preK student in the county will receive 10 high-quality books to take home.

“It creates a personal home library of books for them,” Patrice said.

Each teacher introduces the book to their class in a group reading session, followed by a craft to go along with the theme of the book. Then, they’re sent home with a copy of the book to read with their family. 

“We’re giving resources to families who may not have the ability or means to get high-quality books in their homes,” Lisa Molinaro, ACPS’ lead coach for preschool education, said.

A student works on a daffodil for her mother.

So this Mother’s Day, Patrice’s class not only gets to give their moms a daffodil, but they also give them an opportunity to bond over a story about a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day, ACPS community!

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