Visiting One of Our Great Middle Schools

Superintendent Haas takes an opportunity to visit Sutherland (soon to be Lakeside) Middle School.

This past Monday morning, I had the opportunity to get out and visit Sutherland Middle School (Lakeside Middle School beginning July 1). I am very grateful to the staff who took time to talk with me and share how things are going. I didn’t use any photos in my Check-in last week, so I figured I would share more this week. During my visit, principal Megan Wood took me to several locations around the building, but she especially wanted to point out all the fresh paint the custodial and maintenance staff has been applying to beautify the environment. Check out Eusebio Guzman with painting in progress.

Naturally, my first visit in the school was with front office staff, office associates Cara Costello and Janine Utz. I enjoyed talking with Sutherland cafeteria manager and Hollymead cafeteria manager, Shirley Waldo and Debbie Haas, respectively. I also checked in with Linda Birckhead and Donna Heislup as they prepared student lunches for delivery. Megan and I stopped by to observe band teacher Bobby Gregg.

Art Stow took time to show off the biggest air purifier I have ever seen, and Hannibal Brice and John King checked in with Ms. Wood on their plans for the day. My last stop was in the school counseling office, where Megan and I had a chat with Heather Lindsay, Mary Ricciardi, Laura Saulle, and Lisa Wright.

Megan shared her praise for teachers and support staff at Sutherland and expressed great pride in her educators for their creativity and persistence with teamwork, strong planning, and excellent instruction.

Thank you for a great school visit, Ms. Wood. It made my week!