Visit to Broadus Wood and a research update

Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas shares a visit to Broadus Wood ES and updates us on his recent research project.

Thank you to Broadus Wood principal Amy Morris and staff for a great visit yesterday morning! I walked about the school and grounds with Amy and enjoyed talking with teachers and students about the work they all are doing. We took time to check out the playground. Amy explained that students come out in shifts and stay in three sections on the playground, and while they were cognizant of social distancing and doing a good job, their fun was clear to me!

School visits remind me of how important and hard the work is of all of our educators and support staff. I really appreciate you.

Back in February, I asked teachers to participate in a survey I was conducting as part of an action research project — my capstone project for the Virginia School Leaders Academy I attended this year. Within the survey, I asked teachers to share about the Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) practices you are talking about in your PLC meetings. I promised to share the results with you, so here is a link to the white paper I wrote based on my project; it contains the results: Increasing Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Through Professional Learning Communities by Finding and Expanding Bright Spots. Thank you for helping me with this project. I appreciate it!