Vaccinations at ACPS

Dr. Haas talks about the vaccination program that ACPS is coordinating with the Blue Ridge Health District.

On Saturday, January 30, I had the opportunity to visit the vaccination site at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium, and it sure was a smooth operation. Before Saturday, I had never seen up close the small refrigerator used to transport and store the vaccine vials. I learned from Rosalyn Schmitt that the City schools installed a special electrical circuit just for the fridge!

I enjoyed meeting Sonny Saxton, the Director of the Emergency Communications Center, in person. He and Rosalyn gave me a tour of the operation. I got to see several people I haven’t seen in person since last March or before—it was definitely an emotional time. I wanted to take some pictures to share, but understandably, photos were not allowed!

We had several staff volunteers on hand, and the school nurses—whether they were administering shots or serving to counsel patients and make sure they were good to go afterward—were amazing. Rosalyn, Clare Keiser, and Eileen Gomez have been outstanding throughout this start-up operation.

Thank you to all of our staff volunteers for stepping in to help out with the process. It couldn’t happen without you!