Red kangaroo, Technical Eats, and constant improvement

Dr. Haas talks about two special school visits and reminds readers of our employee spotlights.

Yesterday, I made a couple of quick school visits to round out the week. I stopped by Murray Charter School early in the afternoon, and after a visit with Lucy Akers-Allen and Noel Purdy, principal Chad Ratliff and I walked through the school. I got to see John Baran, Josh Flaherty,

Mae Craddock, and Tal Thompson all working with students. Just as Chad and I reached Kate Kogge’s classroom, she was announcing the “mammal of the month” through a story she and her class had composed: red kangaroo! According to Chad, “mammal of the month” is a whole school project. I believe it because the students applauded wildly when Ms. Kogge made the announcement. It was clearly a big deal. 

After my visit to the Charter School, I drove to CATEC to buy lunch from Technical Eats! I had a chicken cobb salad, strawberry shortcake parfait, and an iced tea, and it was all delicious! Plus I had a chat with culinary arts teacher Josh Davis. What a great afternoon! 

As you can imagine, we are constantly making improvements to our web page and yours so that we can provide  great communication, offer access to resources, and  celebrate our students, families, and - of course - you! Please see our new feature, Portrait of an ACPS Staff Member in the spotlight section of the web page. We plan to update this feature just about monthly. Soon to come will be a Portrait of an ACPS Student feature!