Profile in Excellence: Hope Page-Ross

Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas shares about one of his exceptional employees,  Hope Page-Ross

About a month ago, I presented the School Board’s Draft Funding Request for 2021-22. The slide presentation and budget book materials are available to view on our 2021-22 Budget Development web page. We have been working with the Board since then to continue to refine the funding request. They have since approved the funding request and shared it with the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in a public meeting earlier this week. The slides and video recording of the School Board’s presentation to the Board of Supervisors are also available on our 2021-22 Budget Development web page.

I am very much enjoying sharing an employee highlight from the February 18 presentation with you each week. I am so proud of all of our ACPS employees! The employees I am highlighting represent the best in all of us in working with our students, families, and each other.

Profile in Excellence: Hope Page-Ross



Profile in Excellence: Hope Page-Ross

You might say that Hope Page-Ross has transportation in her veins. When Hope entered kindergarten at our own Greer Elementary School, her father was her school bus driver. A few years later, her mother joined Transportation Services as a bus driver. Combined, Hope’s mom and dad boast more than 50 years of experience driving for ACPS.

After serving the school division for seven years as a teaching assistant, Hope made what seemed like a natural transition in 2012 to Transportation, where she drives a van serving special needs students.

“All I’ve ever done is work with children,” Hope said, “many with special needs. And I love it.”

That love was palpable as Hope shared a story of a student with nonverbal autism who joined her route in the fourth grade and finally, by high school, began greeting Hope by name. “That was a big milestone,” Hope shared.

That’s the kind of reward that sustains Hope, who starts her full day of driving a little after 5 a.m. with two morning routes, followed by a midday route, and then an afternoon route. In a single day’s work, our van drivers easily drive 250-300 miles across our school division.

When asked about the impact of a $15 minimum wage, Hope shared that some drivers in Transportation still find it necessary to work two jobs in order to make ends meet, and she thinks a $15 minimum wage could alleviate some of that pressure.