National School Nurses Day and annual ACPS Employee Fundraiser (donate now!)

Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas talks about the importance of ACPS School Nurses and our special 2021 employee fundraiser.

Wednesday was National School Nurses Day: a day to honor all school nurses who care for the children in our schools every day. We all know that our children learn better when they are healthy and feel well. A school nurse is the first person a child (and often a staff member) wants to see when not feeling well, and our school nurses never let us down. ACPS is unusual in that each of our schools, regardless of the size of the student population, has a full-time licensed nurse. During the pandemic, our school nurses have saved the day by becoming the front line against the virus through care for patients, contact tracing, and in some cases, administering vaccines. Thank you, ACPS school nurses!

We are well into our staff fundraiser for Kindness Cafe + Play! As of Thursday afternoon, you have contributed $865.00 to the Cafe to support its educational programming and opportunities for work-based learning for young people. That averages out to about 32 cents per ACPS employee. Let’s see if we can contribute more and perhaps reach $1,000? We will continue to collect contributions through next Friday, May 21.

Kindness Cafe founder Katie Kishore let us know that she is very excited for her organization to be the beneficiary of our fundraiser. If you are not familiar with the cafe, here is a quick quote and a link to a brief video from their website:

Kindness Cafe + Play will challenge our perceptions, inspire us as individuals and transform our community. Check out this 90 second video that highlights our beautiful space, awesome team and a few of our countless community partners. (Seriously, at least click on it and watch the first 44 seconds.)

This past week I asked you — whether you are working from home or another off-site location, or from your classroom, office, bus, cafeteria, or other school or department setting — to please think about the Kindness Cafe + Play and consider doing the following:

  1. Wear your favorite pair of jeans while you work!
  2. Visit the Public Education Foundation of Charlottesville-Albemarle (PEF) website and click the “Donate Now” button to donate $1.00 (or more).


Important: When you make your donation, please indicate that you are donating to Kindness Cafe + Play. (Hint: If you choose to donate with a debit or credit card, you can click on the pencil icon and write in, “Kindness Cafe + Play.”) We have talked with Alden English, WAHS alumnus and officer for the PEF, and he explained that once the fundraiser is complete, the PEF will donate the sum of all of our donations to Kindness Cafe + Play.