National Administrative Professionals Day

The Superintendent takes time to appreciate some of the most important members of our school community.

In case you missed it, Wednesday was National Administrative Professionals Day—a great day to celebrate all of our outstanding office associates. It is not too late to send an email or a card to your favorite office associate to let your appreciation be known. The first office associate I ever worked for was Marge Long, the Head Secretary at Plaza Junior High School in Virginia Beach. What a wonderful leader with amazing attention to detail, and she took time to teach me about being a good employee! I have always been fortunate to be able to work with and learn from wonderful office associates, and I love working with Christine Thompson! Thank you, Christine!

Here are some big observance days coming up soon:

May 1 | National School Principals Day

May 4 | National Teacher Appreciation Day

May 6 | National School Nurse Day

May 7 | National School Cafeteria Workers Day

Final Note: A teacher recently confided in me that she has been posting the number of days remaining in this school year prominently on her classroom whiteboard. She asked me if that was appropriate. All I can say is , “Yes, of course!” In my mind, it is a finish line, and some years—and this year would be the best example—seeing the finish line may be one of the few things that keeps us running.