It's the little things.

For Dr. Haas, sometimes it's the little things that our wonderful staff do for our students that can really make a difference.

Smile photo

I received this photo from a parent on Wednesday. The parent wanted me to know that when his daughter opened her school lunch that day, she found this wonderful and thoughtful gesture from school nutrition staff. One of our four core values is young people. We can try to come up with all kinds of ways to “strategically” communicate to young people to tell them we value them, but the fact is that the simplest way is always the best and most inspiring. Someone working behind the scenes knew it would make each child’s day better to share a valentine, and without fanfare or recognition, took extra time to make it happen in a special way. I don’t know whose idea this was or who took this step (because I guarantee it added time and effort to packing lunches), but I am so grateful to you for your initiative and your love for our students. I have to add that I hear about so many special “little” things all of our educators and support staff do so children know you care about them. Thank you!