Final employee fundraiser stats, graduation and gratitude

Dr. Haas gives the final statistics for the annual employee fundraiser, talks a bit about graduation, shows gratitude for some often-overlooked employees, and features the SES renovations.

I want to take one more pause to thank you again for your donation to the Kindness Cafe + Play! We raised a final total of $2,356! I met with founder Katie Kishore on Monday to turn over the funds and record a podcast with her. It probably will not surprise you to learn that Katie is a teacher by trade! I also want to thank the Public Education Foundation of Charlottesville-Albemarle for receiving our donations for this cause.


Graduation season is in full swing! I greatly enjoyed attending graduation in person at the Community Lab School on Tuesday night, and then celebrating all of our high school and post-graduate students who are completing their credentialing programs at CATEC on Wednesday night via Zoom. I am so proud of our graduates, and we all realize that their accomplishments would not be possible without the dedicated support of our educators and support staff. Thank you! Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather for Monticello, Western Albemarle, and Albemarle tonight and tomorrow.




Our division’s Director of Accountability & Research, India Haun, and I want to thank an often overlooked group of employees who have become absolutely essential over the past several years in helping us accomplish Virginia’s mandates for Standards of Learning (SOL) testing. As you may know, with SOL testing, everything has to be done perfectly with no room for error and no cutting corners. Even without a pandemic, the testing coordinator’s role is a tough one. Our School Testing Coordinators (STCs) have really come through for our schools during this challenging time.

This school year, during a pandemic, a considerable amount of preparation, communication and coordination went into this work. With the support of STCs, school testing continued with very few issues. In some cases, guidelines and rules for SOL testing changed during the year, and STCs had to adjust and act quickly. We very much appreciate the work that each STC did for our students, schools and division. If you see any of these STCs, please join me in recognizing them for a job well done:

  • Leslie Puckett, Agnor-Hurt Elementary
  • Miles Nelson, Baker-Butler Elementary
  • Katie Breaud, Broadus Wood Elementary
  • Trisha Moya, Brownsville Elementary
  • Caitlin Poole, Crozet Elementary
  • Ginna Palmer, Greer Elementary
  • Lisa King, Hollymead Elementary
  • Ashley Kovach, Meriwether Lewis Elementary
  • Brad Handrich, Mountain View Elementary
  • Laura Richardson, Murray Elementary
  • Laurel Slatoff, Red Hill Elementary
  • Kim Passerell, Scottsville Elementary
  • Kelly Oehler & Don Landis, Stone-Robinson Elementary
  • Kathy Anish, Stony Point Elementary
  • Tabitha Roberts, Woodbrook Elementary
  • Diane Harding, Burley Middle
  • Matthew Hopewell, Henley Middle
  • LaNell Rakness, Sutherland Middle
  • Will Matics, Walton Middle
  • Stephanie Passman, Community Lab School
  • Rian Shell, Albemarle High
  • Melissa Hankins, Monticello High
  • Melisa Larson, Western Albemarle High
  • Michael Craddock, Center I
  • Kelly Hughes, Ivy Creek

I wanted to share with you this photo of Scottsville students taking a tour of their school renovations. Principal Staci England told me yesterday that they acquired hard hats for the children and let them get a peek behind the scenes. What a relevant learning experience!