Fall visits to Stony Point

Dr. Haas visits Stony Point Elementary, shares this week's Portrait of a Learner and some information about upcoming observances.

Happy Friday, everyone, and thank you for another great week of school here in ACPS!

Portrait of an ACPS Learner 

With our Portraits of a Division series, we aim to frequently highlight one student or one staff member to show just how awesome our school community is. Take a look at our latest Portrait of an ACPS Student, which features Alejandra Letona Tejada and Noe Elias, both 11th graders at Albemarle High School.

School Visit: Stony Point Elementary School

Yesterday morning, Stony Point Principal Maureen Jensen hosted me for a visit. I sat in on Lisa Frazier and Ande Mido’s kindergarten class as they all worked together to learn the sight words or “heart” words we and are. Ms. Frazier had a poster with the song The More We Sing Together on it. After learning the words, students volunteered to identify them in the song. Next, students pasted a copy of the song in their journals, highlighting the “heart” words again and illustrating the song on the opposing page. I have to say I was so impressed with the autonomy of students within the routines that Ms. Frazier has established! Many of the students illustrated the song with pictures of friends, and the friends they seemed to mostly choose to draw were their classmates!

Just down the hall, I entered Erin Owney’s fourth grade music class just before they started playing “Pass the Pumpkin.” We all sat in a circle, sang a song and kept time with our hands and knees. When the song ended, whoever had the pumpkin jumped out to play a xylophone on the next round. This was a fun class; we all kept moving, and everyone seemed to feel competent pretty quickly with the xylophone play. Ms. Owney’s lesson was clearly focused on developing social skills and providing an outlet for creativity. 

I really appreciate the visit to Stony Point, and I thank all of the staff and students for letting me stop by. The work there typifies the high quality teaching and learning all of our educators and support staff provide across all of our schools. 



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Media Highlight

Here is a story from the Crozet Gazette about our student safety coaches: 

New Staff Provide Student Support at WAHS


Observance for Next Week

October is National Disability History and Awareness Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month: https://www.pacer.org/bullying/nbpm/

October is National Principals Month: https://www.principalsmonth.org/about/

This week is National School Lunch Week:                                       https://schoolnutrition.org/Meetings/Events/NSLW/2021/