Ending the 2020-21 school year

Dr. Haas speaks about high school graduation, the end of the school year, and a recent visit to Greer ES.

Congratulations to all of you for keeping us going strong and getting us to the last day of school this coming Tuesday!

To all of our high school staff and students: Thank you for your amazing efforts to create and carry out absolutely wonderful graduation ceremonies over the weekend. I was able to attend one of each of the two ceremonies offered by each school. I am very proud of all of our graduates, and I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.


I had a wonderful visit to Mary Carr Greer Elementary School yesterday!


All around the county, even with just a few days left of school, our educators and support staff are putting forward enthusiastic efforts to close out the school year strongly, both at the school buildings and in virtual programming.

At Greer, I had the opportunity to talk with several teachers, including Stephanie Shellenberger, Virginia Coffey, Beth Flesher, Claire LaPlante, Kristen Hunt, Rob Dent, Jessa Lucia, and Kristen Eberly. I could have spent the rest of the day playing in the water tables with kindergartners, and I was really impressed with the tents students built during their camping trip in the art classroom. I also learned from teachers that students had taken a walking field trip to the creek behind Albemarle High School and had a wonderful time there. I saw pictures of students walking in the creek looking for crawdads and discovering a box turtle! I am so happy to hear of events where students take field trips to discover the natural world within walking distance of their classrooms. Thank you!