Annual ACPS Employee Fundraiser and the Kindness Cafe

ACPS Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas talks about the 2021 employee fundraiser and its beneficiary.

We are just about to wrap up our staff fundraiser for Kindness Cafe + Play! As of Thursday afternoon, you have contributed $1,359.00 to the Cafe to support its educational programming and opportunities for work-based learning for young people. Thank you! We will continue to collect contributions until midnight tonight. If you have been thinking about making a contribution, now is the time :-) 

I am scheduled to make a podcast with Kindness Cafe founder Katie Kishore soon, and I greatly look forward to it. Community partners like Katie provide wonderful learning experiences for our current and former students. If you are not familiar with the cafe, here is a quick quote and a link to a brief video from their website:

Kindness Cafe + Play will challenge our perceptions, inspire us as individuals and transform our community. Check out this 90 second video that highlights our beautiful space, awesome team and a few of our countless community partners. (Seriously, at least click on it and watch the first 44 seconds.)

 To contribute, visit the Public Education Foundation of Charlottesville-Albemarle (PEF) website and click the “Donate Now” button to donate $1.00 (or more).