A visit to Stone Robinson

Dr. Haas makes a visit to SRES and shares some of the week's highlights.

School Visit: Stone Robinson Elementary School 




I had a wonderful time visiting Stone Robinson Elementary School yesterday. During the time I was there, I joined Liz Shifflett’s fourth grade class and then Bri Carel’s kindergarten class. Both classes were doing math activities. Ms. Shifflett’s students were on a “factor hunt.” Students were randomly selecting numbers and using a multiplication table to determine its factors. Ms. Shifflett’s patience and ability to help students answer their own questions illustrates for me the concept of high expectations. I observed students

at the table with her, asking for help, and her responses were all a variation of the following:  

“What have you tried?” 

“What did you find out?”

“What will you do next?” 

Although students were challenged by the activity, within the time that I was sitting with them, they built confidence with each new number to factor and increased their speed accuracy. 

Have you ever tried to find your way around Stone Robinson? I have been walking in and out of the school for probably 10 years, and I can never find my way back to the front after I have been to 4th grade classrooms. Well, Principal Angela Stokes took care of that by giving me a map to follow! I found my way to Ms. Carel’s class, and the students were playing a sorting game with her. Transitioning, Ms. Carel did something I appreciate, and I imagine that all of our teachers do or contemplate doing. She explicitly told the students the learning target (standard) they were about to practice by using an I can statement. The statement for the coming activity was, “I can count and make the same number.” What I then observed was students doing exactly that while learning the concept of number. I observed a kindergartner roll a die, count the dots, and then make the same number of dots in a jar illustrated on her own whiteboard. 

Every week, when I visit classrooms, I see our teachers doing excellent work in which student learning is visible and leads to Learning for All.  Thank you Ms. Shifflett and Ms. Carel for allowing me to visit your classes yesterday! I appreciate it so much.  

Stone Robinson’s whole school is participating in Eagles Turn the Page, an opportunity for everyone in the building to read and discuss the book Uncle and Me. Ms. Stokes explained several themes they hope to establish as a school:

  • There are books for the “right person on the right day at the right time.”
  • We can accomplish more together than as individuals.
  • Student voices and actions matter.
  • Awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures enriches us all. 


Portrait of an ACPS Learner 

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Media Highlight

Here is a story from the Daily Progress on our new social and emotional learning coaches:

Social Emotional Learning Coaches 

CBS 19 also had a short piece on an AHS grad, now in her first year of college, who won a top award from Girl Scouts USA for her work with elementary school students on STEM.

Girl Scouts USA Award for STEM


Observance for Next Week

National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed September 15 – October 15. Check out this resources sheet that Jasmine Fernandez and Leilani Keys put together for your possible interest.