A visit to Burley Middle School

The Superintendent stopped by Burley Middle School for a visit and got to see a few old friends.

Yesterday, I stopped by Burley Middle School in the morning for a visit with principal Kasaundra Blount and assistant principal Rusty Carlock. I have been trying to visit Burley for the past three Monday mornings, but every time I planned to visit, guess what ... it snowed! Well, this week I turned right around and rescheduled for Wednesday! As a reward, not only did I get to report the weather on their broadcast, I got to see a person I haven’t seen in more than a year—Donald Byers, Burley High School Class of 1959. Mr. Byers was a guest on their morning broadcast, which is normally student-run, but is currently orchestrated by Mrs. Diane Harding, Burley’s professional development resource teacher, testing coordinator, and technical support.

First, I want to be sure to thank Burley’s office associate, Ms. Stephanie Grady, who greeted me and talked me through their safety protocol. Thank you, Stephanie! I so appreciate the fact that all of us are held to the same standard of COVID-19 screening. If I visit three places, I go through the screening three times, and the consistency with safety comforts me.