A "thank you" to Building Services, first Portrait of a Learner, and a visit to WMS

A couple of weeks ago, I shared our first Portrait of an ACPS Staff Member from the spotlight section on our web page. Here is our very first Portrait of an ACPS Learner: Thomas Bell! I hope you enjoy reading about Thomas. Look for more portraits to come as we make it our ongoing business to celebrate ACPS community members!

Speaking of celebrations, this week has been ACPS Building Services Appreciation Week! Our Building Services staff are vital to the operation of every school, this year more than ever. Thank you, ACPS Building Services staff!

Yesterday, I made a quick visit to Walton Middle School to check in with principal Josh Walton and assistant principal Tireese Lewis. I didn’t take any photos, but I got to be there when all of the students were coming in from their buses, and I was very impressed with the organization. If you are not a regular part of the Walton community, you probably don’t know that Walton is hosting fifth-graders from Mountain View Elementary School this spring. It was great to see this group as well as all the regular grade levels for Walton—all Wildcats for the spring of 2021!

I was able to see several staff members and had short chats with Paula Hoffman, Doug Bloor, and Zoe Jones. English Teacher Will Morin showed off the soccer balls he and his students are using when they go outside for breaks as well as during learning time to enjoy the spring weather. Walton’s facility is looking great, but that wasn’t keeping lead custodian Melvin Bradley and Building Services staff member John Pasanen from making their inspection rounds while Josh and I were walking the school. Very impressive.