A little beauty for the holiday season

Sharing a few finer things for December

Our communications officer Phil Giaramita recently passed along a poem written by Meriwether Lewis lead custodian Dan Arrington on Wednesday. Dan writes a poem each day for the school community!

Good morning one and all and welcome back to our school

I know I saw you all yesterday and that is always cool

But today I want to recognize the many things that people do

For it is not the building that holds us together but the people who are the glue

The administration and office staff keep everyone on task

Making sure our needs are met with our learning and our mask

The teachers keep it all together balancing time, kids, and lessons

They all this they do with firmness and affection

The teaching assistants of course are awesome this much I know is true

To not see that, shame on you, those ladies are the POO.

In closing let me say the children are in good hands

Thanks to a great staff, of which I am truly a fan.

One other quick note: Here is something fun to think about in case you haven’t heard: Jupiter and Saturn will form rare “Christmas Star” on winter solstice. On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer in Earth’s night sky than they have since 1226 A.D.!