A few thoughts and announcements as the year closes out

Dr. Haas discusses some of the wonderful things going on at ACPS as the school year comes to a close.

I thank Ms. Gwedette Crummie, principal of Crozet Elementary School, for a fun visit with students and staff at Crozet Elementary School yesterday morning. I enjoyed a quick visit with office associates Ruth Kirby and Annette Shifflett as I was checking in on my temperature and signing in. Before we left the main office, I also met Crozet’s new nurse, Mary Moster. I greatly appreciate all of these professionals for their support of our students and staff. Thank you!

As we all know, SOL testing is well under way at this point. I greatly appreciate all of our staff for your efforts to continue the testing program during these challenging times and being so encouraging with our young people. Thank you to Crozet Test Coordinator and Talent Development Teacher, Caitlin Poole, for your efforts in this area.

While we were not able to check in on all the staff at Crozet, Ms. Crummie and I saw a lot of teachers and students engaging in fun learning activities. It was clear to me that Crozet teachers have really done their homework and professional development to integrate technology and games into student learning activities. I spent time observing Mr. Stauffer’s fifth-grade class as well as the second-grade classes working with Reflex Math and others researching the background of Memorial Day. Some of the classes I visited were celebrating “hat day” and even “Question Day,” and I was bombarded with questions. Thank you, Ms. Huneycutt, Ms. Davis, Ms. Shifflett, and Ms. Baker!


I also want to thank Matt Wertman, Senior Project Manager for Albemarle County, and Lindsay Snoddy, Deputy Director of Building Services for ACPS, for walking me through the addition and renovation project taking place at Crozet. Matt gave me a hard hat and ear plugs and took me on a tour of the drilling site where the contractors are moving oil tanks to replace them with the very first geothermal wells for heat pumps to be located in an Albemarle County facility. Thank you, Matt!


Now, to all of our ACPS employees: Congratulations on a wonderful contribution we are about to make to Kindness Cafe + Play! You raised $2,336 to support the cafe and it’s educational programming and opportunities for work-based learning for young people!

I stopped by the cafe on Wednesday and spoke with founder Katie Kishore and Amanda, one of her terrific employees. Katie let me know how thrilled they are to be the beneficiary of the ACPS employee fundraiser. Thank you for your amazing generosity during a very challenging time for everyone! In ACPS, we say we value community, and this is an example of us acting on that value.

I am scheduled to make a podcast with Katie Kishore soon, and I’m greatly looking forward to it. At that time, I plan to present her with a donation check on behalf of ACPS employees!

Calendar Note: Next week, keep our class of 2021 in your thoughts as they commence the next steps in their post-secondary education lives! The Community Lab School graduates Tuesday night, June 1; the CATEC Completer Ceremony will be held on Wednesday; and WAHS, MoHS, and AHS all have two graduation ceremonies each over Friday and Saturday. Congratulations to our class of 2021! You have been grounded, but soon you will soar! And, thank you to all of our wonderful educators and support staff for guiding these young people in partnership with their families from preschool through their senior year!