State of the Division 2016-17 Objective 5

Optimize Resources

Albemarle County Public Schools prides itself in providing high quality instructional programs at the least possible cost. Continuous business and instructional improvements are considered and implemented on an ongoing basis.

  • The School Board successfully conducted a bond referendum in November 2016 for school capital projects to include the Woodbrook ES addition, modernization of nearly 200 classrooms, an addition at Western Albemarle High School for the Environmental Services Academy, and the controlled security entrances for the 4 remaining schools without such entrances. The referendum was approved by nearly 74 percent of voters and allowed Albemarle County to borrow money at lower interest rates than are available for other types of financing.
  • The changes to the health insurance program continue to reduce annual costs. These changes included a dependent audit to ensure participants were eligible, an increase in the annual deductible amount, and removal of spouses who had access to high quality health care through their own employment. These actions resulted in projected annual claims that will be lower than the prior year.
  • The School Board in August 2017 will be considering awarding an energy performance contract to install LED lighting in all ACPS classrooms. LED lights are more energy efficient and provide higher quality lighting. The proposed project includes the installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that will cut ACPS building water consumption by half.  The entire cost of this initiative will be funded by energy and water savings such that neither the operating nor the capital budgets will be impacted.
  • The Board of Supervisors approved the rezoning application for the Brookhill development that included proffers for a 7 acre elementary school site and a 61 acre high school site.
  • An evaluation of the Extended Day Enrichment Program (EDEP) identified a number of changes that were approved by the School Board and/or are being implemented by staff.
  • The School Board moved Yancey Elementary School students to either Scottsville or Red Hill Elementary Schools.  This decision was based on very low enrollment at Yancey and the resulting high cost per pupil to continue to operate that school.  It is estimated that this decision ultimately will save in excess of $800,000 per year.
  • Transportation continues to contract with Bluebird for school bus capital expenses. This contract will save the school system $200,000 over the five year term of the contract

Bond Referendum

Yancey Elementary