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Attract, develop and retain the highest quality staff.

Objective 3.1 Strategies

Objective 3.1 Metrics

Objective 3.1 Metrics
Increase in Employee Engagement: Our goal is to see employee engagement numbers increase each year in the Gallup survey. Decrease Unfilled Positions: Our goal is to decrease the number of unfilled positions year-over-year.
Employee Services Department: Our goal is to establish and employee services department that serves ACPS only. Salary Satisfaction: Our goal is that exit interview data does not show salary as a reason that employees leave the division.
Improvement in Retention Rate: Our goal is to improve our annual retention rate, as well as ensuring that no demographic groups are leaving in disproportionate numbers. Increase Participation in Forums: Our goal is to increase employee engagement in our employee forums.
Qualified Applicants: Our goal is to increase the year-over-year number of highly qualified candidates applying for positions in the division.