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New Advisory Groups

Our goal is to increase community participation by creating new advisory groups that give members of our community an authentic voice and vote in our division. A current list of our advisory groups has been compiled and will be used as a baseline to which we add new groups. Current advisory groups and contact information for the advisory leaders can be found on our Advisory Groups webpage.

Existing Advisory Groups
Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability (ACES)
Informs and advises the superintendent and school board about measures to help the school division develop and reach sustainability goals and foster an integrated series of tools and knowledge for the growth of environmental awareness. The committee meets at least quarterly.
Athletic Advisory Council
Serves as a forum for parents, students, and school officials to share ideas and exchange information in order to further advance the quality of the athletic student experience within ACPS. The Athletic Advisory Council meets annually.
Budget Advisory Committee
Analyzes, evaluates and advises the superintendent and division staff regarding budgeting practices and priorities from a business perspective. The committee is composed of business professionals with significant budgeting experience. The Budget Advisory Council meets three times between October and February.
Charter Schools Review Committee
Reviews charter school applications, conducts applicant interviews, and makes recommendations to the school board. The committee convenes upon receipt of charter school applications and meets, as necessary, to carry out the responsibilities designated in School Board Policy LC, Albemarle County Charter Schools.
Classified Employee Advisory Committee
Provides a two-way forum for classified employees to have input regarding potential employee policy creation and/or changes and to bring forward employee issues that could not be successfully addressed through existing channels. ​The Classified Employee Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly.
County Student Advisory Committee
Represents the opinions of students in an advisory capacity to the school board. Council members aim to better share and exchange ideas and solutions to common problems across schools and work to better the school system and the surrounding community. The County Student Advisory Council meets monthly.
Equity & Diversity Committee
Advises the division on adopting and modifying policies and practices to address equity and opportunity gaps to improve student achievement. Committee members serve two-year terms. The Equity & Diversity Advisory Council meets monthly.
Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC)
Informs and advises the superintendent and school board in the development of comprehensive, long-term plans for facilities needs in the most effective and efficient way and in support of the school division’s strategic plan. LRPAC meets monthly.
Parent Council
Serves as a forum for parents, educators, and school officials to share ideas and exchange information in order to further advance the quality of the public education system within Albemarle County. Parent Council meets monthly.
Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC)
When convened, works in cooperation with staff to analyze relevant data and redistricting options to present to the superintendent. The RAC meets as needed.
School Health Advisory Board (SHAB)
Assists with developing health policy in the division and evaluating the status of school health, health education, the school environment, and health services. SHAB meets quarterly, but also by special session at the request of the Superintendent or School Board.
School Safety Advisory Committee
Provides valuable perspectives regarding issues and concerns related to school safety and security. Committee members include ACPS employees, community members, mental health professionals, and local law enforcement representatives who work together to provide recommendations to the Superintendent's Cabinet on issues related to school safety and security. The School Safety Advisory Committee meets at least four times per year.
Special Education Advisory Committee
Comprised of parents of students who require special education services, educators in the field, and community members who have an interest in special education. The committee provides advice concerning the needs of children with disabilities receiving special education services and assists in the formulation and development of long-range plans for these children. SEAC meets monthly.
Talent Development Advisory Committee
Oversees the implementation of the Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted, including participating in the biennial review and revision of the Local Plan and reporting to the school board through the superintendent about the needs of gifted learners in our county. The Talent Development Advisory Committee (formerly the Gifted Advisory Committee) meets quarterly.
Teacher Advisory Committee (TAC)
Group of teachers, including a representative from each school, who meet with central staff to discuss items of interest to teachers and give feedback on county initiatives and programs. TAC meets monthly for nine months of the school year.
Title I Parent Advisory
Provides feedback and suggestions for ways Albemarle County can improve our Title I program. The Title I Parent Advisory meets semi-annually.


Accessibility of Messages

Our goal is to show stability in the number of community members who access our web pages and accounts across various social media platforms. Baseline data for this metric was gathered during the 2021-22 school year.

Survey Responses Reflect Demographics

Our goal is to increase the response rate of several demographic groups so that the overall survey response demographic matches that of the division. We will use data from the 2021-22 school year as a baseline for this data.

Increase in Multi-Language Media Outlet Usage

Our goal is to increase the placement of news releases, messages, interviews and advertisements in media outlets where English is not the primary language. After an audit of local news media sources, it was determined that media outlets in which English is not the primary language do not exist in our area.

Adult Education and Volunteer Demographics

Our goal is to increase the participation of several demographic groups in our adult education and volunteer programs so that the demographics of these programs reflect the demographics of the division. We will being to audit our current participation and gather baseline data in the 2022-23 school year.

Parent Engagement Tools

Our goal is to increase satisfaction in division communication and engagement in generally under-represented demographic groups. We will be gathering baseline data for this metric in the 2022-23 school year.

Increase Neighborhood Visits

Our goal is to increase the number of times per year division and School Board leaders visit different neighborhoods throughout the division. We will gather baseline data in the 2022-23 school year.