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Support the physical and mental health of our students, staff and families.

Objective 2.2 Strategies

Objective 2.2 Metrics

Objective 2.2 Metrics
Family and Student Satisfaction: Our goal is to monitor student and family satisfaction with the division through nationally normed surveys. Increase in Support Services: Our goal is to increase the number of partnerships with organizations who provide family support services in our communities.
DESSA Identification: Our goal is to see the number of DESSA identifications in our division be at or below the national average. Intramural Participation Rates: Our goal is to see robust student participation in intramural programs.
Increase in Staff Wellness Participation Rates: Our goal is to see the rate in which ACPS staff participates in various wellness programs offered increase. Interacting with Students from Other Schools: Our goal is to offer our students more opportunities to interact with students from other schools within the division.
Health Insurance Claims Decrease Over Time: Our goal is to see the number of health insurance claims from ACPS staff decrease over time. Responsive Classroom and Developmental Design: Our goal is to audit these programs and show that they are being fully implemented in our classrooms.