ACPS will develop structures that support students’ academic mental health for both proactive and intervention purposes.  We will ensure that academic time demands placed on students allow them adequate time to pursue their personal interests, including enrichment activities, life-long learning and career goals.

Objective 1.2 Strategies

Objective 1.2 Metrics

Objective 1.2 Key Metrics
Adherence to Grading Practices: Our goal is to ensure that all ACPS staff are adhering to current grading policies that have been developed to provide support structures to our students' academic mental health as outlined in Objective 1.2 Common Sense District Designation: Our goal is to increase the number of schools in our division that receive the Common Sense School badge.
Adherence to Homework Policy: Our goal is to ensure that ACPS staff continue to adhere to our current Homework Policy. Increased Use of Alternative Pathways: Our goal is to see an increase in students who receive credit from alternative pathways courses.
Panorama Survey Results: Our goal is that the results of our Student Panorama Surveys show that our students are more satisfied with their school experience than the national average. Understanding Digital Citizenship: Our goal is to ensure that every student at ACPS understands what it means to be a Digital Citizen and that 100% of students report this understand on our annual Speak Up or similar survey.
Reduction in Study Hall Enrollment: Our goal is to see a reduction in the number of students enrolled in a high school study hall. Mental Health Referrals: Our goal is to see a decrease in the number of mental health referrals from our school counselors and nurses.