ACPS will ensure that each student is supported to achieve their best.

Objective 1.1 Strategies

Objective 1.1 Metrics

Objective 1.1 Key Metrics
On-Time Graduation Rate: Our goal is to consistently have a better on-time graduation rate than the state average. Increase in Reading Skills: Our goal is to see and increase in the reading goals of our students.
SOLs: Our goal is to close the achievement gaps and see results that are better than the national average. PLCs Move Up Stages: Our goal is to see our Peer Learning Communities show consistent growth through the seven stages of PLC tool.
AP Test Performance: Our goal is to return results that are better then the national average and that our enrollment in AP classes matches the demographics of the overall school community. Learning Walks: Our goal is to have Learning Walks completed in our school show that Culturally Responsive Teaching practices are being used in the classroom.
Dual Enrollment: Our goal is to see the demographics of students partaking in our Dual Enrollment program match the overall demographics of ACPS. Increase in Math Skills: Our goal is to see an increase in the math skills of our students.
Course Grades: Our goal is to reduce the number of secondary students with one or more course failures. Student-Led Conferences: Our goal is to have 100% participation in our new Student-Led Conference Program.
National Student Clearinghouse (tracks post-secondary education status for up to 8 years after graduation): Our goal is to track the post-secondary education of our students to determine the rate at which they earn degrees. Computer Science and DLI Standards: Our goal is to have 100% of our Learning Technology Integrators trained in Computer Science and DLI Standards.