State of the Division

Through the annual State of the Division report, the school division provides information to the School Board and the community about our successes and challenges from the previous school year. The report serves as an accountability tool, whereby ACPS seeks to track our progress toward meeting our goals and to identify and improve our weaknesses. The report also informs our decision-making, whether we are evaluating an instructional method, shaping a systemic practice, or considering budget priorities.

Each year, ACPS shares the State of the Division report as another opportunity to engage our stakeholders, including our students and their families, our employees, and our community members. We consider stakeholder feedback to be an essential part of the continuous improvement process, and we encourage community members to contribute to our ongoing efforts to learn, adapt and grow through participation in school board meetings, community meetings, and online surveys.

State of the Division 2020

A Time Unlike Any Other

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When the 2019-20 school year dawned on August 21, 2019, it opened the window on what was widely anticipated to be an exciting and influential year for the division’s more than 14,000 students and their families, our many community partners, and nearly 3,000 employees.

We were looking forward to several powerful programs that would reduce learning and opportunity gaps, including an expansion of culturally responsive teaching certifications and professional development; the inauguration of a talent development model that would tap the passions and capabilities of not some, but all students; and the beginning of a division-wide training and development program fully implementing our anti-racism policy.

We also were on the cusp of a community-wide collaboration that would modernize a strategic plan dating back to 2012, thereby extending the expansion of student choice in all grade levels. This expansion in turn would more closely align curriculum and work- and project-based learning opportunities with student passions and potential.

Information on many of these activities and on the first step toward finalizing a new strategic plan (Portrait of a Graduate) is available on our Strategic Planning site. 

Then March 13, 2020, happened. In a matter of days, schools across the Commonwealth closed, and while the education process didn’t stop, school divisions were compelled to readjust their operations to fit within strict public health and safety boundaries. 

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